Chilly few days, first flakes and strong nor’easter

After a bright and mild Sunday our weather has turned quite chilly. Today and tomorrow temperatures will not get out of the 40s and I expect the mercury to fall well into the 20s in many locations tonight. If you haven’t used your heat yet, I think this may be the chill that forces you to put it on. During the middle of the week a strong nor’easter will move up the coast and add insult to injury for those who are still without power or have lost their homes to our south. While this storm will not be nearly as strong as Sandy it will pack quite a punch and I do expect a few power outages once again. After the storm pulls away later Thursday our weather will clear and that sets up a nice weekend of weather with milder temperatures and sunshine.


Monday night will be the coldest night of the fall season so far. Temperatures should be under freezing across the entire region. Election Day features cool dry weather with brilliant sunshine and light winds. Weather will not be an excuse to stay away from the polls.


This time of year is when coastal storms become more common. We have another typical November nor’easter on the way for later Wednesday through late Thursday. Right now it looks like a windy rain storm with the strongest winds along the coast, especially Cape Cod and the Islands.


As with any coastal storm scattered power outages are possible. The one thing that might elevate that number slightly are any trees that were damaged in Sandy. Sometimes branches hang over wires and then the next storm brings them down. Snow is possible with this storm, mostly at the start across the higher hills and in the mountains of northern New England. I am not expecting a snowstorm with this event. If it was a month later I would be more concerned with snow.
Wednesday morning will be dry with clouds increasing. I don’t expect rain to move in until around the evening commute and that may be early. The timing on the storm is such that we won’t know exactly when it will begin for a day or so. Those models are still not entirely sure the track and speed of the storm.
The storm will peak Thursday and wind down later at night or very early Friday morning. Winds may gust to 50 miles per hour at the coast with some strong gusts inland. This storm will not see the wind or storm surge that we saw last week.
Next weekend
After the storm departs the weather patter may turn quite mild next weekend. The long range models have a nice southwest wind transporting very warm air for the time of year into the region. If the models end up correct we could see 60s again late next weekend.
Gardening this week
A cold few nights ahead and houseplants should be all inside. I have nearly all of my plants put away for the winter. Perhaps you had yours outside and moved them in recently. Did you prepare them properly? There are still several things you can do to keep them healthy. In this video I show you what I do to get my plants ready for winter.

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