Pleasant November weekend with slight risk of a shower

A cool, but fairly typical November weekend is underway across much of southern New England. Sunshine will mix with an increase in clouds this afternoon and there is a chance for a quick shower Sunday morning. Afterwards, sunshine breaks through and temperatures warm just a bit over today’s readings. An even colder air mass will move in from Canada for the start of the week.

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Fast moving systems are the theme for the next week. The main weather features will be a couple of cold fronts to move through and bring clouds and just the chance of some light precipitation. Afternoon temperature readings will fluctuate several degrees between fronts, before dramatically falling behind an arctic front later Monday.
It’s quite early in the year to have an arctic front make it this far south, but that’s what we have coming Monday night. Behind this front the coldest air of the season will blast into the area providing a couple of days that are going to feel like Christmas, not two weeks before Thanksgiving.

arctic air.jpg

The core of the cold air will be here for Wednesday when I expect the maximum temperatures to remain in the 30s nearly everywhere. Some spots across northern New England will only reach the 20s for highs and the snow guns will be running full blast at many of your favorite ski areas.
Don’t fret, this cold snap won’t last. Towards the end of the week temperatures recover back into the 40s during the day and may get back to the lower 50s next weekend.
No doubt you heard about a big typhoon which caused devastation across parts of the Philippines. That storm is now weaker but will impact parts of Vietnam and China over the next several days. There is already another potential storm looming on the horizon for the first part of next week that could add insult to injury. It’s unfortunate because these people suffered a major earthquake this fall as well. It seems like they just can’t catch a break over there.

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While that part of the world has experienced an active tropical season, our season has been one of the quieter ones in recent years. The official end to hurricane season in the Atlantic comes to an end on November 30th and unless something dramatically changes, we aren’t going to see any tropical development through the end of the season.
Shorter daylight
The light continues to shrink each day. We continue to lose about 2 minutes of daylight, evenly spread between morning and evening. The rate at which the light decreases will slow each day through the 21st of December. At the end of November we lose about a minute and a half of daylight, but that rate slows to under a minute for the second and third weeks of December. After the winter solstice, the light increases slowly gaining 2 seconds on the 22nd and speeds up to a minute by the end of the first week in January.
The next 8 weeks are the darkest of the year, so try to get outside on sunny days and let the sun hit your face. Your sleep and general mood will be better if you can expose yourself to some sunlight, especially before 1PM. This will help keep your body clock regulated and lessen the effects of season affective disorder.


 Gardening this week

 This week my video is on raised beds and how they can help extend the season.  I show you several ways you can use raised bed or cold frames to allow your gardening to start earlier and end later each year.

I’ll be updating the forecast for the week on Twitter at @growingwisdom Please follow me there. Feel free to comment or ask questions too.

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