Winter, refusing to give into spring, brings more cold and snow

Cold weather continues with snow ending this evening.

Evening update:

Snow will continue through the evening ending in the Boston area around 8 pm. The map below shows how much more snow will fall, starting from 5 p.m. Totals in Boston will be around 5 inches, at the high end of the predicted range. There will still be areas southwest of the city that will end up with over 6 inches. You can see this on the map from this morning.

Clearing takes place late Monday, but snow showers could continue over Cape Cod all night long. As temperatures fall below freezing there, watch for icy roads. A warmer rain event is coming Thursday so look for the snow to be gone after that, if not before in some areas.


David Epstein


Morning report:

I have to confess I might be to blame for the snow and cold. It’s true; I wrote about winter being over back in early March, I started planting, raking and ran the snowblower dry. I even took out my snow stakes. Now I fear I have caused the wrath of Mother Nature. I can’t get the ad from the 1970s out of my head where someone tries to pass Chiffon for butter and she turns pretty angry .

For what it’s worth, I’m not giving in. It’s April, and the sun is gaining power every day. In the battle with winter, I know who wins this time of year. The start of this week, Old Man Winter will still be throwing some good punches, but they aren’t knockouts, and a warm rain Thursday should remove what’s left of any snow.


This morning we find snow overspreading the area. It will depend on where you live today and exactly what roads you are traveling if they are wet or white. Since the air is colder than yesterday, and the asphalt had a chance to cool off last night, snow will stick easier in this storm, at least to start.

During the middle part of the day, snow will be falling north of the south coast, but the sun’s higher angle will help to heat the roads, even through the clouds. Since roads will be treated by then, they should be down to wet pavement. During the final hours of the storm the opposite may happen. When the sun sets, if it’s still snowing, roads may once again become snow covered. This would occur on less traveled secondary roads.


I expect the snow to amount to generally 2 to 5 inches, with under 2 inches along the water over Cape Cod. The official Boston snow amount will come from Logan Airport and fall in the middle to higher end of the range. It’s not out of the question a few places come in above 5 inches and reach 6 or 7 inches, especially on colder surfaces.

The map below shows where it will still be snowing through the evening commute. I expect many areas in eastern Massachusetts to still have snow in the air through the commute and a slow ride home.  Notice the rain on the Cape.


Predicted Radar 7 p.m. Monday

Predicted Radar 7 p.m. Monday

If you live inland and north of the Mass Pike you’ll likely need to shovel. Unlike the past storm, the snow will stick. If you leave it, it will be gone in two days, but remember some of your homeowner policies want you to shovel too.

Skies will clear later tonight and it will turn very cold. With arctic air in place, lows will reach the upper teens in a few spots and the mid-20s in Boston. Tuesday and Wednesday are both bright and sunny days. Don’t forget the sunglasses. Temperatures will be 10 to 15 degrees below average staying the 30s Tuesday and nearing 40 on Wednesday. When you get up Wednesday morning many areas just away from the coast will be in the low to mid-teens, cold enough to perhaps do some damage to early blooming leaves and flowers.


If you are wondering, I still see cool air hanging around well into next week as well.

Temperature Outlook Through April 6th to the 13th

Temperature Outlook Through April 6th to the 13th

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