Weekend weather: What you need to know for every activity you have planned

Cambridge, Massachusetts -- 4/20/2017 - A runner speeds past daffodils lining the path along the Charles River. (Jessica Rinaldi/Globe Staff)

A runner in Cambridge speeds past daffodils lining the path along the Charles River. –Jessica Rinaldi / The Boston Globe

This weekend will feature a much cooler regime as compared to the near record highs of last Sunday.

After some light rain Friday, a drying trend will carry into the weekend. Rainfall won’t be very heavy, yet should provide enough to notice a further greening of the landscape. The cooler weather this week is great for trees, shrubs, and bulbs in flower. These early blooms don’t do well in the heat and last a lot longer in cool weather such as this.

A low pressure system will cross the waters to the south of New England this weekend. This brings some clouds and a chance of showers to the extreme south coast late Sunday evening. It’s more likely than not the rain doesn’t even make it onshore, but there’s a 30 percent chance it does, so I want to mention it even though the weekend will be basically over.


Clouds will be heaviest over Cape Cod this weekend with the most sunshine over interior areas. This is also where temperatures will be the warmest. Look for readings in the 50s t0 near 60 on Saturday, and in the 50-57 degree range on Sunday.

If you are celebrating Earth Day Saturday…

There are a lot of activities to celebrate Earth Day this year. Parades, plantings, and clean-ups can all count on great weather. Temperatures won’t be very warm, so a jacket is definitely going to be needed.

If you’re hitting the roads this weekend…

Expect dry roads in southern New England, but if you are headed into northern New England, there could be some showers on Saturday. 

If you’re heading to Logan airport…

We are getting into the time of year when thunderstorms, not snowstorms, slow down airport travel. This weekend, flights heading through the Tennessee Valley area and Mid-Atlantic could see some weather delays, but nothing major. 

If you’re going skiing…

There are still a few ski areas left open if you really want to hit the slopes. The final areas open are usually Jay Peak, Killington, Sunday River, and Sugarloaf. 

If you’re playing any field games or golf…

Wet fields will be possible Saturday after the damp weather Friday. The grass will be drying out during the day. Sunday features some morning dew, but not much wetness otherwise underfoot.

If you’re going hiking or running…

This weekend doesn’t really offer a lot of difference between the two days in terms of which day is better for hiking or running. 

Cool temperatures Sunday, especially at the coastline. —David Epstein

If you’re gardening …


There’s plenty of time left to put down spring products on your lawn and in your garden. It’s also a great time to plant. I might overseed my lawn this weekend. Also, put out some of the colder weather crops if you haven’t already.

I will be updating the forecast on Twitter @growingwisdom throughout the weekend.