Heavy rain may clip the Cape this weekend but is likely to miss Boston

Veronica Ellis points to the ice cream she wants at Wessagusset Beach in Weymouth on July 22. —Nicholas Pfosi for The Boston Globe

The final weekend of July presents a rather unusual storm Saturday, which will contain copious amounts of rainfall and even some gusty winds. The worst of the weather will occur over the Mid-Atlantic region — and some areas may exceed five inches of rain. Like a November gale, this storm will churn up the seas, so if you are planning on boating this weekend, please check the latest advisories. Locally, the track of the storm will determine who stays dry Saturday and who gets some rain. The farther south you are the worse the weather will be Friday night and Saturday.


The loop below shows how this storm is forecast to behave. Notice the rain area does reach Cape Cod, but then only barely makes it farther north. If this forecast holds, it could be basically dry — save for a few showers in Boston.


Friday will be rather nice

Before the potential storm Saturday, we will a nice Friday with sunshine and clouds and seasonably warm temperatures. It will be a bit muggy, but not oppressive. Clouds will be thickest on the south coast.

Friday’s highs will reach near 80 inland. —NOAA

Saturday is least favorable

Those of you headed to New Hampshire, Maine, or Vermont this weekend can expect a partly cloudy Saturday to mostly sunny the further north you travel. In southern New England, clouds will dominate, and there is a chance of some showers in Boston with a steadier rain more likely over the south side of Cape Cod and the Islands. With a cool breeze off the water it will feel rather raw at the coast. This won’t be a good beach day.

Highs will average about 10 degrees below normal on Saturday. —NOAA

Warmer with more sunshine Sunday

By Sunday the storm will be far enough away to allow for clearing. The most sunshine will be again over northern areas, but even around Boston there will be at least partial sunshine, maybe even mostly sunny. Highs will be warmer, but not very warm like some expect. Seas will continue to be rough as the ocean storm continues to circulate close by.

Next week warms up


As we enter August things should improve in the weather.  A warming trend in the middle of the week means at least a couple of beach days. However, the pattern isn’t going to be super hot and humid, so for those of you wanting a heat wave, you’ll have to wait a while.

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