Not a perfect weekend of weather, but pretty nice for sure

There will be more clouds Saturday than the past few days, but not much rain.

Dorchester, MA - 8/09/2017  -It was a beautiful day for fishing on the Neponset river for John Teehan, of Dorchester, unfortunately the fish weren't biting.  -  (Barry Chin/Globe Staff), Section:  Metro, Reporter:  Globe Staff, Topic:  standalone feature, LOID:  8.3.2998834641.
–Barry Chin / The Boston Globe

A week ago it appeared we were headed for more rain, but over the past week, shower activity has actually been limited. Now, it appears our recent dry spell will basically continue into next week. The one exception is an introduction of showers Saturday, but many of us won’t see any rainfall at all. The ground is in need of some rainfall right now, so be sure you are watering those gardens well.

Friday will be a nice day

The humidity has been in check much of this week and that will continue Friday as well. I do expect slightly more humidity in the air, but not at oppressive levels. Highs will reach into the 80s with plenty of sunshine and some increase in cloud cover of the high variety. The chance of rain is basically zero.


Saturday will be cloudier, but not bad

Saturday will be the least favorable of the two weekend days. A low pressure system and a cold front will each bring the chance of showers to the area, first in the morning and then again in the evening. The timing of these showers could change a bit, and many of you won’t see much if any rainfall in the first place. This isn’t a big rainstorm. It won’t be as warm because of the cloud cover.

Drier with more sunshine Sunday

Sunday brings a blend of clouds and sunshine along with warmer temperatures because of the return of the sun. It won’t be cloud free, but will certainly be a nice day to head to your favorite spot by some water. Humidity continues on the generally comfortable side for August.

No big heat in sight

The weather pattern continues quite average for August. Last year, we were having the hottest August ever recorded in the Boston area; this year, there is no 90-degree weather on the horizon.

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