Storm over & turning very mild next week

Skies will start to clear over the next few hours and it’s a cold night ahead. The fresh snow cover will allow temperatures to fall to the single numbers and teens across the area. If you get somewhere that is very dark late tonight you could see a display of the northern lights.

snow totals.bmp
The storm is now over and there are some impressive totals across the southern parts of Rhode Island, Connecticut, and Massachusetts. For the most part, 1-5″ fell across the state, but nearly a foot fell in a small section of the South Shore.
The cold temperatures helped to create a very light, fluffy snow which piled up easily. If temperatures had been closer to 32 degrees, these snow amounts would have been cut in half.
On Sunday, warmer air starts to move back into the region. When warm air replaces cold air in winter, it can often lead to some light freezing drizzle or rain. This will be the case late Sunday night and could impact the Monday morning commute in a few interior valleys.
Monday will feature mild temperatures into the 40s and a few periods of rain. Tuesday is my pick of the week with temperatures nearing 50 degrees in many places. There will also be plenty of sunshine. Tuesday will be our January thaw from a not-so-bad January.
There was just a major storm on the Sun when a solar flare erupted Friday. Now that energy is heading towards Earth. These eruptions can, if conditions are right, give us quite a show of the aurora borealis. If the aurora happens, our best shot to see them will be late on the 21st or 22nd. The clouds should be gone late at night. Check out the flare as it happened. (see image below)

solar flare.gif

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