Happy Valentines Day, Mother Nature

Dear Mother Nature,
I wonder if anyone ever has given you a Valentine? Well, this year I am giving you a big one with a huge heart on the cover! Normally, this time of the year, you are pummeling us with cold and snow. In past years, I wouldn’t give you a card because the parking lot at the card shop was filled with snow banks, driving was dangerous, and I needed all my money to pay for heat. When I was a kid, I never understood why my dad would get so upset at the snow and cold. He use to complain about the driving, the shoveling, the mess. Back then, lots of snow meant a day off from school and fresh powder for skiing sledding or building a fort.



This year is different; you have given all of us a break. My heating bill is almost half of what it was last year. I have been able to run outside every month for nearly a year without snow. My heaviest sweaters are still in the back of the closet wrapped in plastic. The hamamelis is in full bloom and already the Carolina Wren has switched to his mating song.


My plants inside the house are doing better than ever thanks to the lack of that dry air you throw at us this time of the year. I haven’t even had one of those nasty shocks for a while when I went touched a metal object.
My friends who have kids tell me they are very happy with you too. They say that they haven’t had to rearrange their schedules one bit due to a snow day. The kids may not be happy right now, but they will be because they are going to get out of school in mid-June rather than close to the 4th of July.
I also want to that you on behalf of my two rat terriers. They are short little guys, and the snow gets so deep they can’t, well, go, without me shoveling an area for them.


They have been able to take walks all winter and are still at their summer weight.
A friend who owns a golf course is happy as well with all his winter golfers and the lack of damage to the greens, and I am excited at the fact the voles are not eating all my plants under the deep snow like last winter. My town, and many others are so excited about not needing to use all their budget money to keep the roads clear.
The wetlands next to my house are also pleased with you this year. There are no chemicals running into the cattails or marsh marigolds from the stuff we use to treat our roads, another added benefit of no snow.
So, while I was in the aisle getting your card, I did pick up a sympathy card for some other folks who are probably not so thrilled with you right now. Body shops, snow plow operators, ski areas, stores that sell ski stuff, and anyone else who counts on snow and cold to make a living, I feel for ya. Remember, weather is cyclical, I am sure you’ll be happier next year.
Finally, Mother Nature, I noticed you didn’t produce any acorns this year. I was worried about how the animals would feed themselves. But, it’s clear to me now you know much better than I do what you’re doing; just keep it up…but please, don’t rain all summer
P.S. You’ll need to have a talk with the groundhog. Talk about a bad forecast.

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