Chilly until Wednesday A.M. then big warmup

A cold night is ahead for all of New England. Some spots in northern Maine and New Hampshire will approach ten below zero Fahrenheit overnight. Across southern New England, it will be cold with temperatures in the teens to lower 20s. We head for the 30s Tuesday and then well into the 50s and even 60s by Thursday.

A big area of high pressure is going to control our weather for the next several days. High pressure areas are places where the air is sinking from above (30,000 feet up) towards the ground. This setup usually brings very dry weather with sunshine. Except for a quick shower Thursday night, dry weather will be the case this entire week.
High pressure areas also have two sides to them. The right side tends to be the cooler side and the left tends to be a warmer side. This week, will be on the cold side of the high through Wednesday morning. After that, it’s onto the warmer side Wednesday afternoon and Thursday. high pressure.bmp Low pressure areas are the opposite to high pressure areas. The weather associate with a low is usually unsettled. In a low pressure area the right side tends to be warmer and the left colder.
Overnight, as the high pressure area remains over us, skies will be clear and winds will be light. radiational.bmpThis will allow any warmth of today to leave the earth and head back to space. The result will leave us with a cold night and cold start to Tuesday. Temperatures overnight will fall into the teens in most areas and some spots will get as low at 9°F or 10°F. This process of the heat of the day radiating into space on a clear night is called radiational cooling. (see image left)
Tuesday will be sparkling clear and bright, however, since we will still be on the cold side of the high our temperatures will be chilly, remaining in the 30s. Tuesday night will also be frosty, but, not as cold as the previous night. A moderation of temperature will really take hold Wednesday morning. I expect temperatures to rise 10°F in the first hour or so after sunrise and continue upward from there. By noon we should be reaching 50°F.
Thursday, all of New England will be on the warm side of the high pressure area. Temperatures will rise rapidly in the morning, reaching into the 60s in many places. Coastal areas towards the Cape will be a bit cooler. However, even there temperatures will be in the 50s. Thursday is going to be my pick of the week. I expect there to be a few trees and flowers that start to pop open with this kind of warmth. Boston and surrounding areas will be in the 60s Thursday afternoon for many hours. Spring fever will be epidemic.

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