Very warm and windy, fire hazard increases

A warm and spring-like day is on tap for all of New England Thursday. Temperatures will soar in to the 60s and it’s not out of the questions some areas will hit 70 degrees this afternoon. It’s going to feel like summer to some of you. Runner getting ready for the marathon will have a warm run, but this might be a good day to practice in case we have a warm Patriots day in April.

The biggest issue today is going to be the wind. I expect the southwest wind to be very very gusty this afternoon and this increases the fire hazard. Sometimes, in early spring with dry windy weather a red flag warning is issued. One was issued yesterday for parts of the mid-Atlantic area. A red flag warning means that conditions are very dry and the fire hazard is high.
On the weather map we have a blue line that represents a cold front. To the east of the front, we are in the milder air. To the west of the front, we are in the colder air. That cold front will come through at the end of the week and then we will be on the other side, back to colder air, for the weekend.

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The specifics.
We will have more clouds today but still a lot of sunshine. Temperatures will soar into the 60s and there will be that gusty wind. When you hear that the wind is southwest, that means the wind is coming from the southwest moving northeast. Meteorologists name the wind that way because it tells us where the air mass is coming from. Sometimes, my students get confused, because if the wind were a car it would be heading northeast. An east wind goes on the Mass Pike west.
While this weather is fantastic and I am loving it, just remember it does have a possible negative. If the dry, sunny, mild weather continues all spring, we run the risk of drought for the summer. It does take weeks of no rain and warm weather to push us into a drought and since plants are not growing yet, I don’t see an immediate issue. However, it is something to think about.
Brush fires
As more of us get outside and the lack of rain continues, brush fires will no doubt pop up. Vegetation this time of the year is very dry and until we start some new growth the risk for brush fires will grow. So, on wonderful days like today, just be careful if you are working with fire of any kind. I know some towns allow burning, which is a great advantage to living in the ‘burbs, just keep that hose handy just in case. Follow all your local ordinances carefully.

Daylight saving time

If the warm weather isn’t enough to get your mind onto spring, remember we set the clocks ahead one hour at 2 A.M. Sunday morning. If you are like me, you will do it before you go to bed the night before. This means that the sun will set on Sunday evening at 6:47 P.M but you might have a bit of trouble getting up Monday morning. On Monday the sun rises at a late 7:01 A.M. So it’s back to dark mornings for a couple of weeks. The good news is that by the end of the month, those sunrises return to just before 6:30 A.M. We will gain more light that fast!

Gardening tip of the week.

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