Sunshine from Boston to Detroit

A bright and cooler afternoon is on the menu for the rest of the day. Clouds will continue billow up and block the sun at times making it feel chilly. Temperatures will be cooler this afternoon than they were yesterday by as much as 10 degrees. Highs around 3pm this afternoon will be in the lower and middle 50s. Winds will be brisk and moisture levels will continue to be low. The weather in Detroit looks similar with bright sunshine and dry conditions.

Red Sox weather
The season opener for the Sox will be played under similar conditions that we have here this afternoon. Temperatures in Detroit were quite cold last night with frost and freeze warnings for parts of that area. For the next few hours, I expect temperatures to remain in the lower 50s with abundant sunshine.
Friday through Easter
It will be sunny for each of these 3 days. Temperatures will be very similar each day. I expect the mornings to be cool in the 30s. Many towns will see frost or freezes a few mornings but by noon we should be nearing the high of 55-60°F. If it weren’t for the lack of rain, this would be a perfect forecast. Since we can’t make it rain, we might as well enjoy this fine stretch of spring weather. I hope you have a great Passover or Easter weekend.

Looking for rain

On Easter Sunday I will be watching a storm to the east of Maine that will actually try to move west towards back towards the coast. Weather normally moves west to east, but sometimes the jet stream can carry storms backwards and move them east to west. Storms that move backwards are doing something meteorologist call retrograding. When a storm retrogrades, it is very difficult to predict how it will impact the area. The perfect storm back in 1991 actually, among other interesting meteorological phenomena, also retrograded back towards the coast. Whatever happens next week it will interesting to keep an eye on the storm.
Gardening tip of the week
I planted my garlic in the ground last fall, it’s growing quite well now and will be ready for harvest this summer. You can plant garlic in the spring but it tends to not grow as big as those planted in the fall. If you don’t have much space, try growing garlic in a pot. You can use organic garlic you would buy at the store to plant or get it as your local nursery.

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