Heavy rain throughout the overnight, flood watch up

Rain has overspread the area and will continue overnight. The rain will be heaviest from now through early morning Monday. The Cape and the Islands will not get as much steady rain, but rain of a more sporadic and showery nature. Winds will increase throughout the night and be quite gusty along the coast. There is a flood watch up for the area. Any flooding that occurs will be confined to small stream and street flooding.

Now we find our storm bringing rain into New England. The reds and yellows represent heavier rain. The blues and greens are lighter rainfall. That area, now over the mid-Atlantic, will move continue to move north and provide our soaking overnight.


Storm’s movement
Take a look at the map below. The four panels represent 4 different time periods from today through Monday evening. You can see that the storm moves up the coast this afternoon and then beyond southern New England by Monday evening. I have outlined the area of heavy rain. I expect the heaviest rain to be ending around the morning commute.

nam 4 panel.jpg

How much rain?
The next map below shows the expected rainfall totals through Tuesday. If you look closely at New England you will see the heaviest rain runs through central Massachusetts and into Maine. There, 2-4 inches of rain is likely. The further east you move, the less rain that will fall. The outer cape may not see even an inch from this storm. Storms typically have two sides to them. To the right of the storm it is a bit windier with less rain. It is also warmer on the right side of a storm. To the left of the center of the storm there is generally more rain, there is it cooler. The Cape will see the most wind, but the least rain. Further west, there will be less wind, though still windy, will more rain. Eventually, on Monday, we will all be on the warmer side of the storm. I expect temperatures to move into the 60s and it will feel a bit tropical especially from Boston south.

rain through  tue.jpg

Tuesday through Friday
Once the storm goes by, the story is not over this week. The storm will be stuck to our north and spin around like a wheel on a bike. Just like a bike has spokes, the storm will have areas of showers moving counterclockwise around it’s center. When a spoke goes by, we will get showers. As we move into the area between the spokes, the sun will return for a few hours. This will be the pattern for Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday. The timing of the showers is impossible, but they will occur on all of those days, but it will be dry much of the time. Friday and into the weekend looks drier and cool.
Gardening tip of the week
This week I am sharing with you a video that shows how raised beds can be used to create usable space for a garden. The beds you will see in the video are part of a project at the Massachusetts Horticultural Society. They have the luxury of a lot of space,but you could try this on almost any scale.

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