Nice afternoon with a gusty wind

The storm that gave New England some very beneficial rain has now moved into Canada and is spinning itself out over Ontario. The storm is so large, that winds from the storm will continue to blow today. It’s interesting that the same storm gave western NY a significant snowstorm, almost 6 months to the day after the October snowstorm. Each of those storms is unusual in their own right, but two such storms in six months, wow!

april 24th map.jpg

Our weather map this afternoon has yesterday’s storm stuck in Ontario. The storm is a very large storm. The L represents the pressure is lowest. There is actually less air at the surface of the planet in the location of the storm as compared to Boston. What that means for us here is that the air will continually try to rush towards that storm all day. This is the reason for the windy conditions.
As the storm rotates around the next two days it will help to produce clouds and maybe a brief shower here. Any showers that do occur will be light and not amount to much. There will also be some periods of sunshine and temperatures will be seasonable. Highs both today and tomorrow with reach for 60F in the afternoon.
On Thursday, a cold front, the line between cool and mild air will move through the area. As this front pushes through the area later Thursday and at night, a few showers will accompany the front. These showers will usher in cool air for the weekend, but also leave us with sunshine.
The weekend looks to be dry Saturday and cloudy with some rain possible Sunday. On Sunday there will be a storm moving to our south. This storm will not be large, but may push a bit of moisture into the region. The storm may keep the rain south of the region, more on that as the week progresses.
Drought watch
We did get 1-3 inches of rain Sunday through yesterday. While this is a good amount of rain, it leaves us in a reservoir drought, but does alleviate the agricultural drought quite a bit. Most areas are running 40-60% below their average rainfall, even with yesterday’s storm, reservoirs will remain low and water tables are still not as high as they should be heading into summer. Since roots of most plants only go down a short distance into the soil, plants will and are responding rapidly to the rain. The reservoirs take longer to fill and need more rain.
Gardening tip of the week
This week I am sharing with you a video that shows how raised beds can be used to create usable space for a garden. The beds you will see in the video are part of a project at the Massachusetts Horticultural Society. They have the luxury of a lot of space,but you could try this on almost any scale.

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