Cool day with some clouds, quick shower.

A clear start to the day means lots of sunshine for a few hours this morning. This afternoon, clouds will form and some areas could see a bit of rain. Any rain that falls will be light and quite brief. Most areas will stay dry. Another system will provide a more general period of rain later Thursday and Thursday night. Behind that system, cooler air will move in for the weekend.

The sky was crystal clear to start the day and in a few spots temperatures were in the 30s. I did not see any frost in my area, but it would not have surprised me if there was frost in a few low spots. While the sun is usually a welcome site, today, the sun will actually cause clouds to form in the afternoon. When the sun heats the earth, the air above the ground starts to rise. This process is much like a hot air balloon rising. As each hour passes today, the sun will heat more of the ground and the air above the ground will rise into the colder air above. As this happens, clouds will form and if the clouds get big enough, there might be a shower. Whenever you see clouds, rain, snow, etc. the air at the ground somehow had to get lifted high enough to produce the clouds and/or precipitation. Air can get lifted from sea breezes, air hitting mountains, low pressure and yes, even the sun.


Today’s lift is primarily solar based. Lift is one of the most important aspects of meteorology and something we always try to understand.
More rain for Thursday PM
On Thursday warmer air will be moving towards our area from the south. As the warm air hits the cool air over us, it will be lifted. This type of lift is called overrunning.


Overrunning also causes clouds and precipitation. In winter, overrunning can cause snow, sleet, freezing rain, and rain. This time of the year, we will get rain.
On the weather map for Thursday (image below) we see an area of rain that will move through New England during the afternoon and first part of the overnight. This area, though not large, should produce up to a quarter of an inch of rainfall by the early morning Friday. As the storm passes, skies will clear and leave us with a very nice, though breezy and chilly Friday. I don’t expect temperatures to hit 60F for the weekend. Speaking of the weekend, right now, it looks like the next system of rain will stay to our south. This means clear and cool conditions both Saturday and Sunday. If things change I will let you know. Stay tuned.

Thursday 26th.jpg

Gardening tip of the week
This week I am sharing with you a video that shows how raised beds can be used to create usable space for a garden. The beds you will see in the video are part of a project at the Massachusetts Horticultural Society. They have the luxury of a lot of space,but you could try this on almost any scale.

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