More rain for several hours today

After a period of rain overnight we saw a lull in the rainfall this morning. However, a new area of rain is currently moving through the area and will continue for several hours this morning and into the afternoon. We still desperately need the rain so this is great news.

We remain in a dry and warm pattern overall across the area. This month, temperatures are running 5 or more degrees above the 30 year average. Rainfall continues to be significantly below average. After today’s rain we will still be lacking about 2 months of rainfall, but at least we are headed in the right direction.
Today’s area of rain is quite widespread and runs from Maine all the way down to New York. You can see the area on this radar image below. As the day goes along, the rain will push east and eventually end by evening.


On the weather map, we have a weak storm moving to our south today. The warm air to the south of the storm and the cool air to the north are meeting over New England and producing the rainfall. I expect all areas to see 1/2 to 1 inch of rain from this system. if you are not sure if that is a little or a lot, if we got that around once a week all year, that would be about perfect. So this amount of rain in this period of time, is nearly a perfect early May system. When I say perfect, I am thinking of agriculture and reservoir issues.

Wednesday through Sunday

During this five day period the boundary between warm summer-like air and cooler spring air will remain close to New England. When a boundary like this is in our area, we run the risk for showers and unsettled weather. This will be the case, especially this weekend. If the front moves far to our north, it will be warm and dry. However, if the front gets stuck along the Massachusetts-New Hampshire border, we will be unsettled with showers. Look for updates all week.
Gardening Tip This Week.
This time of year many of you are planting in the garden. Whether you are planting something new or replacing an existing plant, this is the ideal time to think about the kind of plant you are purchasing for your yard. Years ago, most people didn’t consider the water use of plants. These days, with conservation so important and with our current drought, putting plants in your yard that need less water is a great money saving tool, benefits the environment and will save you time. Watch one of the latest Growing Wisdom videos below and learn more about drought tolerant plants.

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