More rain coming, slow clearing this weekend.

Unsettled weather will continue through Saturday with the greatest amounts of rain coming Friday. For today and Saturday the weather will be cloudy with spotty drizzle and a quick shower. The rain tomorrow could be heavy at times as tropical moisture tries to move northward into our cool damp air mass. The exact location of the dividing line between the cool air and the tropical air will dictate where the heaviest rain falls.

On the weather map this morning we find an area of high pressure, the blue H on the map below, causing our cool east flow. Usually, high pressure areas are associated with nice weather, but if the high sits in the right, (or wrong) position, winds around the high will come from the ocean and bring with them cool, damp air. This has been the case much of this week and will continue through Saturday.


The winds around a high pressure system move clockwise. So, if you look at the high off our coast and pictured the winds moving around the high, you end up with that cool east wind. This pattern, while not fun, is quite typical of early and mid-spring. The ocean is still so cool, that wind coming from that direction will often bring low clouds, fog, drizzle and chilly conditions.
Tomorrow, warm air will try to move north into our cool air mass. Cooler air is heavier and denser than warm air. This fact will make it difficult for the warm air to move very far to the north. Along the divide between the two air masses quite a bit of rain will fall. At times Friday, the rain may come down very hard and to the south of Boston a few thunderstorms will occur. While I am not expecting any severe weather, I can see the possibility that street flooding and some small stream flooding will be an issue by the later half of the day. This radar map, is a prediction of where the rain area will be Friday evening.

rain friday.jpg

Right now, it looks like the heaviest rain will be moving east of the area with a few leftover showers for the rest of the night.

Saturday and Sunday

There are several college graduations this weekend. There are also, this time of year, many outdoor activities planned. Saturday will not be a washout, although it will be rather cloudy and cool (50s) with some drizzle or a quick rain shower. However, most of the time Saturday will be dry. I suspect many outdoor graduations might be moved inside, although I would rather sit outside in some mist, then inside a gym.
Sunday is the pick for the weekend. Sunshine will return (even if there are morning clouds) and temperatures will rebound in the 60s. Right along the water, it will remain cool in the upper 50s. More showers are back in the forecast early next week. This new pattern is just part of the balance from the warm dry winter. I can’t tell you yet, if it continues into the summer.


As the wet weather continues to eat into the drought we are beginning to look much better going into the summer months. There are a couple of more chances for rain in the next 10 days and if we get normal amounts of precipitation that will bode well for the drought. The image below shows that some areas are not longer in a severe drought. If the rain tomorrow happens, as I suspect it will, this should take the remaining areas of the State, now in severe drought back to a moderate one.


Gardening Tip This Week.
This time of year many of you are planting in the garden. Whether you are planting something new or replacing an existing plant, this is the ideal time to think about the kind of plant you are purchasing for your yard. Years ago, most people didn’t consider the water use of plants. These days, with conservation so important and with our current drought, putting plants in your yard that need less water is a great money saving tool, benefits the environment and will save you time. Watch one of the latest Growing Wisdom videos below and learn more about drought tolerant plants.

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