One great day of weather this weekend

Showers for today will be on and off in nature. You could even hear the rumble of thunder especially south of the Massachusetts Turnpike towards Connecticut. There will be dry periods lasting several hours between the showers. Rainfall amounts do not look to be significant in most areas. Those spots that do get a thunderstorm will see locally higher rainfall amounts. Clouds will continue overnight and into Saturday with improving weather for Sunday.

A weather system will move across our area over the next couple of days. This will keep clouds and showers in the forecast through Saturday. The chance of showers will decrease as we go through Saturday and that will set up a great day Sunday.
Temperatures over the weekend will be a bit milder than the past several days. Although Saturday’s temperatures should reach for the 60s, it will feel cooler than that with all the clouds. Sunday, with abundant sunshine and temperatures closing in on 70F, it will feel warm and be a delightful day to be outside.


High pressure from Canada will move towards New England Sunday and Monday before leaving Tuesday. Thereafter, more clouds and rain look to take hold for much of the second half of next week. Our April showers that never occurred are being made up in May.
Weather has a way of balancing. I tell my students all the time, all weather is a result of the planet simply trying to balance itself. Over time, extremes of cold and heat, dry and wet tend to cancel each other out. After months of warm dry weather, it’s not surprising we are into the May crud. Next week, a storm may move up the coast and give us a spring nor’easter with some more rain and wind. This doesn’t look to be a damaging storm, but it’s interesting because we had such a storm free winter. Even wind is a result of the attempt to achieve balance. At any given time there is different amounts of air over different parts of the planet. Here in Boston today there might be less air over us than say over Chicago. The planet is always moving air from point A to point B attempting to have equal amounts of air for everyone. Unfortunately, for the planet, it’s never successful, so the air is always moving. That movement, known as wind, brings us our weather. Again today, atmosphere is doing its balancing act, but unfortunately, it’s during my favorite time of year and we are on the wrong side of the scale this time. On Sunday, some balance will be found for a couple of days, giving us a great second half of the weekend.


As the wet weather continues to eat into the drought we are beginning to look much better going into the summer months. There are a couple of more chances for rain in the next 10 days and if we get normal amounts of precipitation that will bode well for the drought. The image below shows that some areas are not longer in a severe drought. If the rain tomorrow happens, as I suspect it will, this should take the remaining areas of the State, now in severe drought back to a moderate one.


Gardening Tip This Week.
This time of year many of you are planting in the garden. Whether you are planting something new or replacing an existing plant, this is the ideal time to think about the kind of plant you are purchasing for your yard. Years ago, most people didn’t consider the water use of plants. These days, with conservation so important and with our current drought, putting plants in your yard that need less water is a great money saving tool, benefits the environment and will save you time. Watch one of the latest Growing Wisdom videos below and learn more about drought tolerant plants.

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