Rain is over, better for the weekend

Since Tuesday many areas have received anywhere from 1-5 inches of rain across the region. The heaviest rainfall totals have been seen over the southeastern part of the State, this is also the area with the greatest rainfall deficit, so I expect our winter-spring drought to be all but over, at least for now. Better weather is on the way for the weekend, but all is not perfect. There may be a few showers on Mother’s day although most of the day should be sunny.


The radar from this morning is now moving east of New England. To our west and south there is clearing. Also, this afternoon with the breaks of sunshine, as temperatures reach the 60s there is still the risk for a quick shower.
Overnight, it will be dry and cool. During the night temperatures will fall about 2 degrees each hour leaving us in the middle 40s by morning. That will set us up for a nice start to Friday with sunshine. The problem tomorrow is that the air above us will be quite cool as compared to the air at the ground. The air is usually colder as you go up higher, (think about climbing a mountain) however, the bigger the difference between the ground and the air above the greater the chance for showers. The reason for this is that if the air is relatively warm at the ground and quite cold above, the air at the ground will easily rise into that cold air. Tomorrow, the sun will heat the ground and the air will rise and then clouds and even a shower or thunderstorm could pop up in the afternoon. The day will certainly not be a washout by any means and most of you will not see the showers, but I have to put them in the forecast.
Saturday is the perfect day. I will call it a top 10 day! We will have almost 100% of the possible sunshine, low humidity and temperatures in the middle 70s. If you have a graduation, wedding, outdoor event or simply a golf game, it will be a glorious day to be outside.
On Sunday, Mother’s Day, the weather will start with sunshine and temperatures will reach back for the 70s in the afternoon. The one issue with Sunday is that a front will be crossing the area in the afternoon. (see map)


This front, could help produce a quick shower or thunderstorm in the afternoon. If any showers do occur, they would not last long, but perhaps long enough to spoil a few outdoor activities for a bit.
Gardening this week
We are just about a week away from being able to put out warm weather crops. I know, that some of you might wait till Memorial Day weekend, but I stopped doing that 20 years ago. Getting a frost that late is highly unusual and a widespread frost isn’t likely from here on out. There are some plants that need warm weather so I hold off planting beans, peppers, and eggplant until later in May. Below is a video showing you what I have planted so far in my own garden.

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