Graduation, Sox, Mother’s Day weekend weather

This is big weekend for many across the area. There are several graduations that will take place and of course it’s Mother’s Day Sunday. The Sox are in town and hopefully going to have a winning weekend home stand. The weather looks to cooperate for most of the weekend with my pick of the two days being Saturday. Sunday there is a small area of weather that will move through in the afternoon and could kick off a quick shower. More details ahead. All in all, it looks like a great weekend.

Before we get to the weekend forecast let’s talk about the rest of your Friday. Today is going to be a great day with the best weather in the first 2/3rds of the day. Later this afternoon as the sun has heated the ground, some of the moisture from this week will evaporate into the atmosphere and will cause some clouds to pop up and a slight risk of a quick shower. Most of you will not see any rain, but as I have said much of this week, the possibility is great enough that I wanted to mention it. I see no issue for Fenway this evening. Even if a shower occurred, it would end very fast.
This is my pick of the weekend. Temperatures are going to be the big story with highs reaching towards 80F in the afternoon. While we may top out at 78F or so, it’s going to feel warmer since it’s been so chilly lately. The sun will be brilliant and the sky blue. The one issue, though small, will be some high cirrus clouds (the wispy ones) that could dim the sun somewhat at times. Cirrus clouds are usually an indication of warmer air and thus why they are in the forecast. I see 0% chance of rain. The image below shows the weather hour by hour from Friday afternoon through Saturday evening. You can see the temperature going up during the day. Also note, there is no chance of any storms.
If you are really interested in the hourly by hourly chart, take a look at 4am on the chart below or 4am on the Sunday graph (below). Note the RH or relative humidity is very high. This has nothing to do with the humidity in terms of how you feel. The relative humidity is only a measure of how close the temperature and dewpoint are to each other. If the numbers are close, then the relative humidity is high. If you have a clear night, with light winds and a lot of dew in the morning. The relative humidity would be close to 100%. That was the case today with all the dew on the grass. That is where the dew point number comes from. The relative humidity can be 100% and you won’t feel a thing in terms of moisture in the air. It’s the dew point itself that matters. If that number gets above 60F we start to feel the humidity. If the dew point gets to 70F most of us are miserable. The relative humidity percent, in terms of how we feel, is meaningless.


Mom’s Day
Sunday looks nice as well, however, there will be a weak boundary of air masses running through the area. This boundary will act as the focal point or catalyst for a few showers and maybe a thunderstorm in the afternoon. Notice the chance of rain in this chart does increase in the afternoon. However, we are not looking at widespread showers.


It will be warm with temperatures again nearing the 80F mark in the afternoon. You can see the hourly weather on the chart below. Note the % of clouds does increase a bit in the afternoon, so you can expect less sunshine Sunday, the second part of the day.


Gardening tip this week
Do you have a pole, house, road or neighbor you would like to block? In this video I show you how I used a variety of trees to help screen the road for this client. They loved it, I hope you do to.

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