Dry much of today, more rain tonight, sunshine by Thursday

Another mostly cloudy afternoon across the region with much of the rain off to our west. Although I don’t expect much sunshine this afternoon, you will see a glimpse or two, most of the rest of the day will remain dry. Although the rain is close, across western New York and into New Jersey, it will take much of the afternoon to move north and east. The rain will fall quite heavily for a time overnight before ending around the morning commute Wednesday. Thereafter, we begin a fantastic stretch of weather.

The radar loop (below) tells the story of the rain quite well. Notice that much of the rain area is remaining south and west of eastern Massachusetts this morning. Also notice that there is steady rain to our north, south and west. I expect the area of rain over the mid-Atlantic region to slowly wind its way northward during the day and be here overnight. If you are unsure how to read a radar loop, the green is lighter rain and the yellow and orange is heavier rain or thunderstorms. The loop repeats itself over and over going back a few hours. The last frame of a loop shows the rain furthest north and east.


There is still a boundary, between our somewhat muggy air and drier air to the west, that is sitting over the eastern seaboard. This boundary is the focal point for our showers over the next 24 hours or so. Yesterday, this same boundary kicked off some very heavy downpours in the afternoon and some areas saw up to 1 inch of rain in a very short period of time. Check out the image below. This is an estimated rainfall total map for the showers on Monday. Notice the area around Wellesley, Natick,Sherborn into Needham. I was in that shower and it was very heavy for a short period but amounted to .82 inches of rain at my house.

yesterday rain.jpg

Back to our weather today and tomorrow. The frontal boundary will allow the rain to move into our area overnight and into the early morning Wednesday. I expect a general 1″ rainfall across the area with some areas seeing up to 2″ in heavier downpours. It will feel muggy and damp until later Wednesday when the area finally moves east and drier weather begins. During the bulk of tomorrow, we will not see a steady rain. However, showers and even scattered thunderstorms remain possible through the evening.
High pressure from the west will build into the area starting late Wednesday. (see map below) This will provide a 5 day stretch of fantastic weather with sunshine and warm May temperatures mostly in the 70s. By the weekend, it will be in the upper 70s and a few places could hit 80F. There will be days with a few clouds, but this period of weather looks dry and wonderful, not a bad payout for a few days of rain to start this week.


Gardening tip this week
Do you have a pole, house, road, or neighbor you would like to block? In this video, I show you how I used a variety of trees to help screen the road for this client. They loved it; I hope you do, too.

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