Mostly cloudy afternoon, low risk of showers.

While the weather looks to be absolutely spectacular starting tomorrow, we have to get through some more showers and potential thunderstorms today. On the weather map we find a cold front this morning off to our west. This front marks the line between the muggy air over us and the dry comfortable air coming for the rest of the week. As the line moves through, that will produce some showers and thunderstorms. Any severe weather looks to be isolated.

Cold fronts are one of the best ways we get big thunderstorms. The air after the front passes is dry and cooler and air ahead of the front is often warm and muggy.


The warm and muggy air is pushed upward by the cooler and drier air and thunderstorms are born.
Depending on the exact characteristics of the air on either side of the front, and the winds that occur on each side determines the possibility of severe storms.
All the ingredients are not there today for widespread severe weather, but there are enough of them present that the severe storms center, part of the national weather service, has put western and northern New England under a slight risk for severe weather. You can see the outlook below.


Once the front goes by, the muggy air mass will be replaced by a much different one. This new air mass will still be warm, but significantly drier. The timing of the front is such that it will pass through the area during the late afternoon and early evening. The blue line is the cold front and the expected position is just crossing New England around sunset. (see image below) Normally, this is the perfect time to get severe weather. However, there are still many uncertainties and subtitles that will determine who, if anyone, get severe weather. If we get much sunshine later this morning, that will help heat the air and that warm air is better for getting storms. If we remain cloudy much of the day, the chances of anything more than some heavier downpours is slim.
Low chance of anymore showers or thunderstorms…threat is mostly over.

today front.gif

Thursday through early next week
High pressure is going to build into the area starting tomorrow and remain with us for many days. This high, keeps the air from rising very much and thus few clouds and no rain. Since the high is moving slowly our nice weather will last through the weekend. Each day temperatures will be a bit milder than the previous one through the weekend. By the time we get to the Sunday, it will be approaching 80F in many spots for the afternoon. There will be little or no clouds for much of the weekend, making it perfect for graduations, weddings, golf, gardening, and anything else you want to do outside.


Gardening tip this week
Do you have a pole, house, road, or neighbor you would like to block? In this video, I show you how I used a variety of trees to help screen the road for this client. They loved it; I hope you do, too.


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