Unsettled weather continues

Clouds and showers are on the weather menu for today with the best chance of rain before 1pm. This afternoon, we will still have cloudy weather with the risk of showers.The weather the rest of the week looks to be ok. What the heck does “ok” mean? Well, it means it’s not going to be perfect, but we will see some sunshine, warm temperatures and still the risk of a few showers. The holiday weekend looks nice, but not without some chance of rain.

There are all sorts of weather systems that are affecting our weather this week. Today, we have a low pressure area to our south that is pushing some rain into the area from the ocean. On the satellite, below, you can see thick white clouds to our south, these are the thick clouds associated with the rain.


The wind today is coming from the ocean and this will keep temperatures in the 60s for most of the day. Notice on the radar, below, the rain is moving towards our area from the ocean. This will continue for several more hours. At times, it will rain hard, but there will be periods of drier weather as well.


Chance for showers

The term “chance for showers” is very tough for most people to understand. I think it can be frustrating to figure out how that term translate into the weather for the day If you listen to most forecasts this week you will hear there is the chance for showers. Some forecasts, even mention a percentage chance of these showers such as 30% or 50%. As a consumer of weather information, you have to really read between the lines of the forecast to know how it will affect you. Partly sunny, with a 30% chance of a shower or thunderstorm is basically a dry day. The 30% chance means that there is also a 70% chance nothing will happen at all. Once the number gets over 60% you can pretty much count on seeing some rainfall. The other important aspects of showers are the length of time they last, their intensity and how much rain they produce. Showers can last 10 minutes and if the rain is heavy enough spoil an afternoon BBQ. Showers can be so light, you can still work outside. Next time you see a chance of showers in the forecast, try to read between the lines. Much of the time, even with the word showers in there, it will be dry.
Wednesday through Friday
The second part of the week our winds will come from the south. This airflow will bring with it a touch of humidity and some morning fog. During the day, clouds and sunshine will mix together and there is the risk for showers or thunderstorms in the afternoon. Temperatures will be near 70F right at the ocean increasing to near 80F 5-10 miles inland.
Memorial Day weekend
Saturday looks to be warm and partly sunny. We will be watching for a line of showers developing in the afternoon and evening. It’s impossible on Tuesday to say if these showers will happen at 4pm or 10pm. I know it makes a big difference to Saturday plans, so stay tuned.
The reason for the showers is that another front will try to move through the area over the weekend. If the front goes by Saturday then Sunday and Monday will be warm and dry. There is also the chance, and I am starting to lean this way, that the front never makes it through. If this happens, it will be more like a summer weekend with some humidity and temperatures into the 80s inland and near 80F at the coast. I will refine the forecast over the next few days. Either way, Sunday and Monday look like at least a 7 on a scale of 10. (10 is perfect weather)
Gardening this week-Container gardening
Many of you would love to get your containers planted for Memorial Day this weekend. Have you ever thought about planting native plants in your container and mixing it up a bit? Check out this video and learn more about using native plants in containers.

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