Beachy day tomorrow, cooler but nice Sunday/Monday

If you have been reading the blog this week you know I have been talking about a front that is scheduled to pass through the area on Saturday. This front is still going to move through, the problem is that it won’t move very far and thus the boundary between warm and cool air will be close. Boundaries like this one tend to produce lost of clouds and a few showers. This boundary will fluctuate over the area from Sunday into early next week. Our sunny dry weekend, is looking more and more like a hot summer day on Saturday and then more clouds for Sunday and Monday.


Overnight will be cloudy with somewhat muggy conditions. There will be some fog developing late at night and this will start the day tomorrow. However, improvement will happen quite quickly and the beach parking lots will be full by 10 AM or 11 AM at the latest.
Holiday weekend.
Let me take each day and give you a rundown of the specifics. Tomorrow is going to be the warmest day of the three day weekend and somewhat humid in the morning. If you like a summer-like day this is for you, head to the beach! Temperatures in the afternoon will be 85-90F inland and even in the lower 80s at the coast. The coolest temperatures will be at the Cape where it will stay in the lower 70s at the beaches. Later in the afternoon, a cold front, (blue line on map) will move into the area.


This front marks the dividing line between cooler air and the heat that will be over us at that time. As the front comes through, the air will dry out. Right now I don’t see much of a chance of showers with this front. The air mass is just not going to be able to support any thunderstorms. Also during the day Saturday the humidity will slowly start to drop, this will help to negate the chance for storms. Although it will be hot tomorrow, great sleeping weather come in for the overnight.
Sunday, I had thought the front would be far to our south down through the mid-Atlantic region. Now it appears the front will start moving back towards us on Sunday, that is a problem as clouds and showers will also try to return.


We will be in the cooler, air and there is an increasing chance for rain as the front starts to progress north again. Another issue may be a northeast wind that makes it a bit chilly at the beaches. The Red Sox game could be impacted if the showers move into the area quickly, but right now I believe they will hold off until after dark and the game is over. Check out the hour by hour forecast for Sunday below. The biggest impact to the day will be the clouds, most of the time will be dry. If you want sun, the first part of the day will be the best.


Memorial Day
The same front is going to be in our area on Monday. Depending on the exact position of the front will dictate temperature and the frequency of showers. Whenever you get that battle of air masses, clouds and even showers can be the result.


If the front stays say over the Mass Pike region, we are going to cloudy with on and off showers all day. If the front would just move north during the day, we would become partly sunny and warmer. That scenario is less likely now. I would say right now, we will very close to the front and a few showers are a good bet later in the day. I don’t think we will have enough shower either Sunday or Monday so you have to move plans around this weekend. However, Saturday is really the only dry day that I can guarantee. Check out the hour by hour forecast for Monday below. Again, like Sunday, clouds, not rain are the biggest impact to the weekend.


Overall the weekend is looking mixed. It’s going to be hot and very sunny Saturday afternoon, but the chances of any rain look to be near 0%. Monday there is a better chance for more clouds and showers, but I am not forecasting a washout Sunday is a transitional day from the heat of Saturday to the cloudy day on Monday. I will keep updating the blog throughout the weekend.
Gardening this week-Container gardening
Many of you would love to get your containers planted for Memorial Day this weekend. Have you ever thought about planting native plants in your container and mixing it up a bit? Check out this video and learn more about using native plants in containers.

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