Mostly sunny and warm, slight risk shower

On this Memorial Day our weather looks warm and muggy with scattered showers in the afternoon along with hours of sunshine. Thank you to everyone who has ever served our country! We couldn’t enjoy this great nation without you. Sunshine will burn through much of the cloud cover leaving us with a blend of sunshine and clouds for today.


A front is draped west to east across the eastern half of the country this morning. This front is dividing record heat to our south and west from mild and somewhat muggy conditions to the north. Along the front, showers and thunderstorms will fire up in the afternoon. Most of the shower activity will occur west of the coastline, however, everyone has a risk for showers. The day isn’t going to be a washout by any means, actually, I think there will be many hours of sunshine. This is not a bad beach day. You can get updates during the day instantly as I check out the radar. Follow me on Twitter at @growingwisdom for the latest updates to the forecast.
Tonight, there is still the risk for a few shower and thunderstorms. If you see one of these showers there could be some heavy downpours along with quite a bit of lightning. Other areas will stay dry overnight. It’s impossible to predict which towns get the showers and which don’t. This is just the nature of shower and thunderstorms in this type of pattern. There is nothing to track until they actually form.
Take a look at the hour by hour forecast through early Tuesday morning.


A few things to notice. First, the chance of rain is quite low. Also, the cloud cover percentage drops quite a bit today. Therefore, there will be a lot of sunshine. Dew points are in the 60s which means it will feel a bit humid.
Tuesday is a very warm day. The front we have been talking about all week will move north of the Mass Pike. To the south, temperatures will reach the middle and upper 80s with humidity. It will be much cooler along the coast especially north of Boston into New Hampshire and Maine. In the late afternoon there will again be the risk for showers and thunderstorms. Follow the forecast hour by hour below for Tuesday into early Wednesday.


Wednesday we watch a cold front moving in from the west, as this front moves through, more showers and thunderstorms will pop up. The day will be very humid, especially though sunset. After dark, drier air will start to move into the region and our air will become more comfortable. This will translate into a great day Thursday, my pick of the next several days.

Gardening this week
Tomatoes are the most popular vegetable to grow for many of you and there are so many varieties that are out there. Check out this video on a few of my favorites. Maybe you have a container or one last spot in the garden to try one.

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