Cool, breezy and damp for several days

A persistent flow of cool damp air around an ocean storm will pinwheel clouds, showers and drizzle over our area for the next few days. The weather will improve slowly Wednesday and Thursday with a return to some sunshine. Temperatures will be below normal at the start of the week before reaching back to the lower and middle 70s for the weekend. By the way, if you think this is bad down here. Try being at the top of Mount Washington this morning. They are shoveling snow and sleet up there. I hope you aren’t planning a hike this morning to the summit.


This is what I feared was going to happen. The payback for the winter was going to come in June or July or August or all of it. Saturday was a washout everywhere, and Sunday wasn’t any better from the north shore to Maine. Those of you south of the Mass Pike and in metro-west, west to the Berkshires got a bonus with the nice afternoon yesterday. I had a friend texting me hourly from Amesbury asking me “please make the rain stop”. I was fortunate to be in the garden with sunshine, just an hour south. Today, clouds, drizzle, showers and wind are on the weather menu for everyone. I send out tweet updates throughout the day so if you like instant weather tips, please follow me on Twitter at @growingwisdom
Several years ago, June was a bust in terms of nice weather, it really makes the summer feel shorter if we are cloudy, cool and wet this month. While I am not forecasting the entire month to be raining. The pattern is such that this may very well end up as a cool, damp month. Yes, I love a bit of rain in June for the garden, and I also enjoy the nice weather for early sunrises. If it’s cloudy for many days this month, it means I have to wait till next year for sunshine with the early sunrises again.

Current situation

This weeks foul weather is due to a blocking pattern in the Atlantic On the jet stream map below, I drew some arrows to show how the winds are blowing up at around 30,000 feet. The issue is that those winds steer storms at the ground. We have an ocean storm caught beneath that flow. That storm is represented by the L on the map labeled “next few days”.

next few.jpg

So, if the storm is under the whirling air above it it just keeps rotating around and around. Each time to rotates, areas of clouds and showers move into our area from the north east. You can see how the rain is moving down the coastline from Maine in the radar image under the jet stream picture.



Upcoming weekend
Eventually, two things will happen. 1. The storm at the surface will weaken and will start to suck drier air into itself. This will help to get the clouds to break, for some sunshine to return and for the frequency of showers to lessen. 2. The upper level winds will begin to change and allow the storm to move away. As this happens, cool, Canadian air will replace the maritime air and our weather will become partly sunny with temperatures in the mid 70s. That is what my forecast is, right now, for the upcoming weekend. With the jet stream coming out of Canada at the end of the week, it also means that there is no chance for any real heat or humidity.

jet weekend.jpg

North Atlantic Oscillation (NAO)
The NAO is that persistent pressure pattern out in the Atlantic that has a major affect on our weather. Interestingly it is flipping to a negative phase, something we rarely have seen in months. (part of the reason no snow last winter) This flip will, at least in the short-term, turn our weather a bit cooler than normal and somewhat on the damp side as well. How long this lasts is unsure, but as we head into summer this could be a major player in our overall weather.

Pollen and drought

Not that you need me for this, but….the drought is officially over for now. As a matter of fact, much of the country has seen an improvement in the drought situation. Florida and the southwest part of the US are still having major issues however. You can see who is in severe drought on the map below. We are now in the normal range.


Gardening Tip of the Week

On of my favorite activities in the summer is watching the hummingbirds or the hummers as some affectionately call them. Hummingbirds are easy to attract to your garden and are a fun way to get kids to explore nature. In this video below I show you everything you need to know to attract these little guys to your garden.

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