Evening showers and even t-storm but, warm & dry this weekend

Showers are moving southeast across the parts of New England right now and will continue to be a threat throughout the afternoon and evening. The best chance to get a storm will be west of route 128, but anyone could see them. If you get one they could have thunder, small hail and even torrential rain. I know we don’t need the water, but the good news is that the weekend is still looking great.

Afternoon Update


Notice on the radar image above that there are numerous showers to the west of Boston. These will continue to move throughout the area. The red and orange colors on the radar represents heavier rain and possible thunder. Remember, this is one static image. Check the live radar to see what the latest position of the storms is right now. I am back to the garden.
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Today’s weather
As the sun was setting last night I noticed the skies had partially cleared. This trend bodes well for us today. For the first time since last Friday, the entire region will see at least a bit of sunshine today. Unfortunately, the early sunshine this morning actually helped to cloud us back over by evaporating some of the moisture then forming new clouds. On the satellite image from this morning you can notice some neat features. The yellow arrow is pointing to some fog in the river valleys in Pennsylvania. The air cooled last night in that region and fog forms along the rivers. It shows up as little veins of grey running through the State. Cape Cod is seeing some clean skies this morning with sunshine as you can see the darker areas of the photo are the absence of clouds. Also, to our west, the purple arrow is pointing to some thick clouds. These are rotating more south than east, but could spill into the region later today and give us that quick shower. Temperatures will still be cool this afternoon only reaching the lower 60s, but that is significantly warmer than it was the past two days. If you have a twitter account follow me on Twitter at @growingwisdom it’s a great way to get instant updates and ask me questions. Also check out
Thursday through Sunday
The big changes over the next 5 days are going to be seen as a result of the jet stream. Today, the jet stream is to our south. This allows cool air to filter into the region from the north and keep our own temperatures well below normal. You can see on the two jet stream maps below how the jet will change between today and Sunday. Notice this afternoon’s jet stream is allowing the cool air to pool over the northeast. We call this a trough, the dip in the jet stream creates a bowl-like shape or trough. As we head into the weekend, our trough moves away and is replaced by a new configuration of the jet stream. This new shape, called a ridge, is moving into our area. Usually, a ridge is associated with nice dry weather and temperatures will be warmer as the ridge moves over and eventually beyond us. Troughs are associated with foul weather. The left side of the trough is the right side of the ridge since the jet steam is in one piece. That part of the ridge-trough pattern is the best for dry air that comes from Canada. The left side of the ridge is associated with more heat and humidity. We may end up in that part of the ridge Tuesday or Wednesday next week. I can see some places closing in on 90F one of those days.

jet weds.jpg

jet sun.jpg

Thursday and Friday will be partly sunny with just a chance of a quick shower or even a t-storm. Temperatures will return to the lower 70s tomorrow and upper 70s Friday. The weekend does look dry and warm with more sunshine and temperatures in the lower 80s.
Spring recap
Meteorological summer began on June 1st along with hurricane season. It’s a good time to look back at some of the interesting statistics from the spring. (March 1st-May 31st).
The most notable record from the spring was that it was the warmest spring on record in Boston since 1871. Snowfall, was also very low, but not the lowest. (Remember this is just March-May) May ended up being close to normal in rainfall and temperatures while warm, did not fall into the top 10 warmest months. May really marked a transition into a newer overall pattern which, if it continues, will mean this summer will not be exceedingly hot. Right now, I continue to feel the summer will be more typical in terms of temperature if not slightly below normal. Summer is the most difficult season to predict the general trends. This is because rainfall can be highly variable due to a few thunderstorms or a tropical system.


Gardening Tip of the Week
On of my favorite activities in the summer is watching the hummingbirds or the hummers as some affectionately call them. Hummingbirds are easy to attract to your garden and are a fun way to get kids to explore nature. In this video below I show you everything you need to know to attract these little guys to your garden.

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