Showers end overnight, better weekend ahead

After several showers and thunderstorms earlier today the weather is going to be quiet overnight. During the day Friday, a similar pattern will take place in the afternoon but to a much lesser extent. The good news through all of this is that over the past 8 weeks, we have made up a good percentage of the rainfall we needed. This is great timing as we head into summer.


Another day of afternoon of showers and thunderstorms in what feels like the wettest start to June ever. However, although it has been cool and damp, we are not setting any records. Tomorrow looks like even a less chance for afternoon showers although they are in the forecast. You can see the scattered nature of the storms on the satellite above from earlier today. Notice the white puffy areas, those are the clouds producing the showers. Below, you can see the radar showing the shower and storms and their movement. The coverage is increasing as well. I expect this to slowly wind down after sunset around 8 PM.


As we head into the weekend the storm that has been plaguing us for the past week will finally move away. As this happens, a new, drier, milder air mass will replace the one we have been dealing with the past 7 days.
The weekend looks mostly sunny and seasonable with temperatures in the upper 70s and lower 80s, cooler at the coast with some afternoon sea breezes. As we head into next week, temperatures will continue to warm reaching the 80s for many spots on Tuesday and into Wednesday. The weather map here shows that we will be on the mild-warm side of the temperature pattern across the east. The heat and humidity will stay south of our area for the weekend. Some heat may make a run for our area early next week.


Eventually, another round of showers and thunderstorms will move through and the weather will cool off a bit. I don’t see, however, any repeat of the stuck pattern we are now emerging from. If you have a twitter account follow me on Twitter at @growingwisdom it’s a great way to get instant updates and ask me questions. Also check out
Summer rain
As I wrote earlier, I am very glad that we made up so much of the rain deficiency the past couple of months. From this point forward until late August or September, it is very difficult to get full days of rain. The reason, the jet stream that divides warm and cold air moves north in summer. As the jet resides in Canada for the summer, our rainfall is mainly from transitions between hot and humid weather and warm and dry weather. Also, some areas get pop-up storms in the afternoon on a hot summer day. That type of scattered rainfall is highly variable from place to place and not easily predictable. If we had gone into this month with a major drought, there would have been huge water issues to deal with all summer. This is not to say we can’t get into a drought very quickly, it’s just that right now, we are in reasonably good shape in terms of water needs.
Spring recap
Meteorological summer began on June 1st along with hurricane season. It’s a good time to look back at some of the interesting statistics from the spring. (March 1st-May 31st).
The most notable record from the spring was that it was the warmest spring on record in Boston since 1871. Snowfall, was also very low, but not the lowest. (Remember this is just March-May) May ended up being close to normal in rainfall and temperatures while warm, did not fall into the top 10 warmest months. May really marked a transition into a newer overall pattern which, if it continues, will mean this summer will not be exceedingly hot. Right now, I continue to feel the summer will be more typical in terms of temperature if not slightly below normal. Summer is the most difficult season to predict the general trends. This is because rainfall can be highly variable due to a few thunderstorms or a tropical system.


Gardening Tip of the Week
On of my favorite activities in the summer is watching the hummingbirds or the hummers as some affectionately call them. Hummingbirds are easy to attract to your garden and are a fun way to get kids to explore nature. In this video below I show you everything you need to know to attract these little guys to your garden.

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