Storm continue for a few more hours, nice weekend ahead

Showers and thunderstorms continue to move through the area. Some of these storms have strong gusty winds, hail and heavy rain. You may see a break between storms as well. It appears the storms will end between 8 PM and 10 PM depending on your location, last to see the storms end will be southeastern New England. A spectacular day for everyone Saturday is the cards. We certainly deserve a nice weekend after this week of wet, cool weather.

The showers and storms this afternoon will be caused by a front moving south from Canada. This front will usher in nice weather for the weekend and early next week. One small issue is that the front stalls to our south temporarily Saturday. When fronts stall they often produce clouds. There will be be an area of clouds and light showers that move across the stalled front, Saturday night. Some of these clouds will spill across our area late afternoon tomorrow and into early Sunday AM.


While there could be a sprinkle or light shower with this system, I don’t expect this to be anything remotely like what we have seen this past few afternoons, even if it happens at all. I will be updating throughout the weekend on Twitter at @growingwisdom and check out my latest videos at Either side of the clouds later Saturday and into early Sunday the weather looks very nice and nearly perfect for early June. Across Maine, New Hampshire and Vermont, there will be even fewer clouds over the weekend as those States are so far north of the front.
The biggest issue today, (aside from the early fog) is that we have showers and thunderstorms once again that will move into the area. You can clearly see the clouds to the northwest in Canada (satellite image below) and these are moving southward towards New England. I expect more of us to see showers these showers than won’t see them.

Friday 4 cast.png

If you have an outdoor afternoon golf game, BBQ, you’re headed to the Sox, or your kids are playing in one of their leagues, any of these activities may be impacted. The showers should mostly be over by 8 PM or 9PM. When it is not raining today, there will be some sunshine and temperatures will be in the 70s. This graph gives you an hour by hour forecast for today. The spike of clouds and increase in the chance of rain this afternoon shows up clearly.

clouds am.jpg

Saturday and Sunday
Over the weekend our weather looks to be mostly sunny and warmer. Temperatures on Saturday will be the 70s and on Sunday, temperatures will be in the 70s and lower 80s. Below is a graph that shows the hourly weather for both Saturday and Sunday. I made these charts for inland areas of Massachusetts, but the same basic trends will take place everywhere across New England. The one issue, and this shows up nicely on the graph, is that there will be an increase in cloud cover later Saturday afternoon and continuing overnight. The clouds will be a result of a small weather system moving along the front that is coming through the area today. There may be a quick shower at night, but the chances are very low. Notice, on the hourly graph, dew points remain in the 50s and this means that you won’t feel any humidity in the air at all this weekend. Winds will be light and no thunderstorms are in the forecast.


Gardening tip of the week
All of the rain has helped my tomatoes grown incredibly fast. I no longer use cages or stakes to support them, rather I built my own system that I clip the tomatoes on. Check it out in this weeks garden video.

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