Perfect June weather, then a few showers

After a wonderful weekend of weather across New England, Monday will see another day of find mid-June conditions. Temperatures during Monday will be in the 70s across the area with low levels of humidity and bright sunshine all day. You may not even see a cloud for the entire day. Overnight Monday, some fog will form in the valley areas and could be quite dense from about 4 AM to 6 AM. Other than the early fog, which will rapidily burn away on Tuesday, the weather for the second day of the workweek looks to be nearly a carbon copy of the first. Some changes will occur on Wednesday as a front moves into our area from the west.

When you experience weather, it has to have come from somewhere. A heat wave is usually air that has moved up from the south, a cold snap is air that has moved in from central Canada, Our current weather, as beautiful as it is, is coming from the Canadian maritime region. This area of North America, typically experiences cool marine air This air can be very clear or cloudy with drizzle and light rain but is usually cooler than we are here. Last week, the flow from the same region was moist, so we saw no sunshine, had plenty of rain and damp conditions. The next couple of days, the weather will be clear and comfortable with temperatures in the 70s. I update my blog every few days, but I tweet weather updates several times each day. Please follow me on Twitter at @growingwisdom and check out my latest videos at As the air moves towards New England from Nova Scotia and New Foundland it modifies. This means, the temperature of the air gets warmer as one moves further away from where it started. This is the same in winter. For example, in January, when our air comes from central Canada, by the time it gets to Boston, it’s not nearly as cold. The modification of air masses is an important concept meteorologist have to think about when making a forecast. Even locally, a sea breeze can cool the air around East Boston to the 60s, but by the time this same air gets to say Newton, it’s already modified into the 70s or even 80s. Many factors such as wind direction, speed, time and distance from the origins of the air mass all help determine how much modifying the air mass will undergo before it gets to a specific place.
Back to our current weather. The image below shows the weather systems and what is affecting us over the next few days. The blue line over the central USA is a cold front. This will bring a change in our weather for the middle of the week.

June 11th.jpg

Wednesday and the rest of the week
During the middle of the week a strong front will move through the area. Before the front passes, it will create southerly winds and those winds will transport moist air into the area. This change will bring a period of rain, some it possibly heavy for part of Wednesday and perhaps lingering into Wednesday night. Thursday looks dry, but sunshine may be limited as the clouds from Wednesday’s rain will be slow to leave.
Friday and into the weekend the weather right now looks dry with sunshine and temperatures in the lower and middle 70s. There is the chance another storm could bring some rain late in the weekend, however, that is very far out and I don’t like to make predictions and then flip-flop. For now, lets leave it as dry and sunny, but stay tuned for possible changes.
Gardening tip of the week
All of the rain has helped my tomatoes grown incredibly fast. I no longer use cages or stakes to support them, rather I built my own system that I clip the tomatoes on. Check it out in this weeks garden video.

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