Happy Flag Day. Sunny stretch of weather on the way

Although there was a few clouds this morning, some fog and even some drizzle, beginning this afternoon,we have nearly a week of perfect weather on the way. High pressure is very slowly moving into our area from the north. Highs usually, but not always, bring sunshine and dry conditions. The high that will bring our nice weather is going to move so slowly, that the sunny days will last perhaps as long as a week. During the last few days of this pattern temperatures and humidity levels will rise. On this image,


I outlined the fog and low clouds from early this morning. This will be burning off today leaving us with a very nice period of June weather.


On the frontal map from this morning, which is also Flag Day, I have put an arrow, (see above) pointing to the big high that will give us our great weather this weekend and beyond. This high is of Canadian origins and therefore temperatures will be mild for several days. When I say mild in mid-June, that means lower and middle seventies. This high will meander across southern Canada through early next week, protecting us from clouds and rain. By the time it finally does rain again sometime the week of the 18th, we will need it. If you have turned off your irrigation system, as I did, turn it back on tomorrow. For other quick updates, please follow me on Twitter at @growingwisdom and check out my latest videos at
High pressure areas force the winds to travel around them in a clockwise manner. This means that the winds to the right of the center of the high are from the north and are from the south to the left of the center.


(it can be northwest, northeast or southeast or southwest as well respectively) This also means that to the right of the high it is usually cold, cool or mild and to the left it is warm, hot and more humid. Below is the weather map for next Wednesday. The high, by then, will be moving to our east and we will be moving onto the left side of it. This means that temperatures and humidity will increase quickly once this happens.I expect by Tuesday and Wednesday next week, temperatures to be well into the 80s and humidity levels to rise to uncomfortable levels. If you have window air conditioning units, this weekend would be a good time to bring them up from the basement or garage.


The forecast is quite simple for the next four days, through Sunday, look for sunshine during the day with temperatures in the 70s from about 10 AM through 7PM. Nighttime lows will fall to the middle 50s on average, that will occur around 5 AM each morning. Monday through Wednesday of next week we will continue the sunshine and temperatures will be about 10 degrees warmer both at night and during the afternoon.

Gardening tip of the week

Deadheading is a great way to encourage your plants to rebloom. Some plants, like roses, can rebloom several times throughout the summer. Other plants, may not rebloom this year, but deadheading helps them to make new flowers for next season.

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