Father’s Day forecast looks amazing

I was trying to think of some creative title for the blog this morning that captured just how great the weather looks not only for the weekend by for the next week! Sometimes the month of June can be pretty foul with lots of rain and clouds. This year, the month is looking, on balance terrific with a week of nearly perfect weather on the way. For many, schools are letting out this week or early next and the weather will cooperate for any field trips or other outside activities.


On the satellite map from this morning, I have circled the area of clear skies. You can see above this area is quite extensive. It may not rain again for a week or more. It’s important if you have new plantings to keep them evenly moist as the soil is going to quickly dry out during the next several days. If you have turned off your irrigation system, as I did, turn it back on. For other quick updates, please follow me on Twitter at @growingwisdom and check out my latest videos at
We will have sunshine all day today with temperatures in the lower 70s. The reason for the cool weather through the weekend has to do with the wind that will come from the east. The ocean air is chilly, even this time of year, and this will keep our temperatures from reaching higher levels than the 70s. As you move inland, it will be a bit warmer and afternoon highs will reach the middle 70s.
Over the weekend the big area of high pressure will remain in control of the weather. This will translate into sunny days and clear nights. Temperatures will be in the 50s at night and lower and middle 70s during the day. The only ‘”issue” with the weather might be an hour or two of fog in the morning in some of the low spots and a few clouds overnight Saturday. The grass will have a lot of dew on it in the morning as well. For golfers, the greens will be quite slow to start to the day with the heavy dew. All in all, a perfect June weekend.
Next week
Monday and Tuesday the high will slowly build east and move off the coast. At that time our winds will turn more southerly and heat and humidity will build. It will take several days for both the temperature and the moisture in the air to increase. But, I do foresee many spots to have afternoon temperatures in the 85-90F range, especially away from the beaches.

How do highs work?

The air in a high sinks. This sinking air tends to dry out as it falls from above. This is the reason nice weather is associated with high pressure systems. Not only does the air sink in a high but as that sinking air hits the ground it is forced to travel around the center of the high in a clockwise manner. This means that the winds to the right of the center of the high are from the north and are from the south to the left of the center.


(it can be northwest, northeast or southeast or southwest as well respectively) This also means that to the right of the high it is usually cold, cool or mild and to the left it is warm, hot and more humid. Below is the weather map for next Wednesday. The high, by then, will be moving to our east and we will be moving onto the left side of it. This means that temperatures and humidity will increase quickly once this happens.I expect by Tuesday and Wednesday next week, temperatures to be well into the 80s and humidity levels to rise to uncomfortable levels. If you have window air conditioning units, this weekend would be a good time to bring them up from the basement or garage.


Gardening tip of the week

Deadheading is a great way to encourage your plants to rebloom. Some plants, like roses, can rebloom several times throughout the summer. Other plants, may not rebloom this year, but deadheading helps them to make new flowers for next season.

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