Not the perfect weekend of weather, but still nice

I know this is frustrating. You heard for days about a perfect weekend and now we have clouds and chilly temperatures. Depending on exactly where you are this afternoon into the evening will dictate just how much sun you see and how cool it is. We have two issues today. Number one are clouds. As you can see on the satellite photo below cumulus clouds have popped up early this morning and this is blocking the sun from time to time. In some places it is mostly cloudy. Second, a strong breeze off the ocean will keep temperatures barely into the 60s across parts of the north shore of Massachusetts and coastal Maine down through Boston. Once again overnight clouds will move further inland overnight and then tomorrow will start cloudy for many of us. It will become sunny as the day goes on,while Monday looks milder, the real heat holds off till mid-week.



On the satellite map I have noted several interesting weather phemonena including many cumulus clouds that have formed. I know we all heard about what perfect weekend this was going to be. However, sometimes the east wind just pulls in enough moisture to create the clouds along the coast while keeping temperatures quite chilly. You will notice, most of Maine is enjoying that perfect weekend you heard about. For other quick updates, please follow me on Twitter at @growingwisdom and check out my latest videos at
Father’s Day
I don’t expect a lot of sunshine all day today. Temperatures will be in the lower and middle 60s during the day at the ocean warming to the 70s far inland across western Massachusetts and heading into Vermont. This issue with the weather this weekend is because of the winds moving around the high that is to our north. Earlier this week, I wrote about how highs work. You can read that explanation below. I hope it helps you to understand why the winds off the water are pulling in the clouds and chilly air.
Next week
Monday and Tuesday the high will slowly build east and move off the coast. At that time our winds will turn more southerly and heat and humidity will build. It will take several days for both the temperature and the moisture in the air to increase. But, I do foresee many spots to have afternoon temperatures in the 85-90F range, especially away from the beaches. Right now Wednesday through Friday will the warmest days with Thursday being the peak of the heat. I expect most places to exceed 90F on Thursday.

How do highs work?

The air in a high sinks. This sinking air tends to dry out as it falls from above. This is the reason nice weather is associated with high pressure systems. Not only does the air sink in a high but as that sinking air hits the ground it is forced to travel around the center of the high in a clockwise manner. This means that the winds to the right of the center of the high are from the north and are from the south to the left of the center.


(it can be northwest, northeast or southeast or southwest as well respectively) This also means that to the right of the high it is usually cold, cool or mild and to the left it is warm, hot and more humid. Below is the weather map for next Wednesday. The high, by then, will be moving to our east and we will be moving onto the left side of it. This means that temperatures and humidity will increase quickly once this happens.I expect by Tuesday and Wednesday next week, temperatures to be well into the 80s and humidity levels to rise to uncomfortable levels. If you have window air conditioning units, this weekend would be a good time to bring them up from the basement or garage.


Gardening tip of the week

Deadheading is a great way to encourage your plants to rebloom. Some plants, like roses, can rebloom several times throughout the summer. Other plants, may not rebloom this year, but deadheading helps them to make new flowers for next season.

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