Very warm overnight, heat will repeat Thursday

No record today for Boston but temperatures reached the middle and upper 90s. Nonetheless we will do it again tomorrow and most likely Friday. This will make for our first official heat wave of 2012. Humidity levels are very high right now and this makes it feel well into the 90s in many spots away from the water. Overnight will be warm and uncomfortable with temperatures staying above 80F in the city until sometime just after midnight. Needless to say, but I will anyway, it’s going to be a rough night for sleeping if you don’t have air conditioning or a very strong fan.


Summer begins
After a very hot last few hours of spring, summer begins in a few hours at 7:09PM EDT. This is the moment the sun will be as far north as it goes this year. Starting at 7:10PM the sun will slowly begin the journey south completing that trek late in December. The irony of course, the first day of summer is usually not the hottest day of the year. (this year it might be) The other fact about the rest of June, July and August, we begin to lose daylight, second by second from here on out. That process lasts until just a few days till before Christmas. The loss of daylight is not evenly spread between morning and night. The sunrises will start getting later before the sunsets, by about 2 weeks, beginning tomorrow. Since I am an early riser, I notice the change in the sunrises in about 10 days. (Sunrise today is at 5:07 and Sunset at 8:25). Although, we will lose 4 minutes of daylight by the 30th of this month, the sunsets will not start getting earlier until after the first few days of July. All the loss of daylight comes from the morning sunrises getting later. If you like numbers, you can see from the chart below how the sun’s angle changes the rest of the month. The sun sits about 71 degrees above the horizon at noon today. The sun is so much lower in December sitting only about 24 degrees above the horizon at noon. Put another way, the sun today by 8AM is higher than it would be the entire day in December!


Also, notice that solar noon, when the sun is highest in the sky is just before 1PM. That is why you can get burned well after noon time.sunset.bmp
The heat
Another day of heat and humidity is on the way for Thursday. I think temperatures will be as hot if not a degree or two hotter in the afternoon. One of the reasons for this is that we will start warmer Thursday than we did today. You might think, what is the big deal, its summer, its hot. After a week of cool weather our bodies are just not acclimated to this. Folks that have to be outside for any length of time can get pretty sick very quickly. While we all know to drink water and not push ourselves, life sometimes gets in the way of common sense. Just take the time to drink water and maybe put that run on hold this afternoon. One or two days of not pushing yourself isn’t going to hurt. We have all read stories of people dying from heat like this. While certainly the exception, it can happen. For regular updates, follow me on Twitter at @growingwisdom and check out my latest videos at
Record may be broken
Hartford set a record today but that looks like the only spot. Tomorrow, Boston has a better chance of breaking their record high of 95F. By Friday, temperatures will still be hot, but not in record territory. In addition to the heat there will be blazing sunshine and humidity. While warm beach weather is great, this will be too much for most of you. The good news, it’s not very long lasting. It would have been quite usual if Boston had broken their high temperature record today and then did it again tomorrow. Boston hasn’t broken two high temperature records in a row since June 8th and 9th 1984, so if it happens, it would be pretty unusual.
BOSTON – 20TH – 98 SET IN 1953 21ST – 95 SET IN 1949
PROVIDENCE – 20TH – 95 SET IN 1941 21ST – 96 SET IN 1941
HARTFORD – 20TH – 96 SET IN 1995 21ST – 96 SET IN 1953
WORCESTER – 20TH – 93 SET IN 1953 21ST – 91 SET IN 1953


The weekend

Early Friday a front that will lower humidity will cross the area. I expect it to be a hot day, but the humidity will drop all day long. Saturday another cold front will cross the region. After this front, temperatures will return to more comfortable levels for the weekend with abundant sunshine Saturday. There may be a few showers Sunday, but confidence in that is low at this time so many days in the future. As I like to say, stay tuned.

Gardening this week

If your perennials seem out of control and rather large already you can do some pruning to help manage their size. Many perennials will stay tighter and neater from some quick pruning. Check out this video and see how you can try this in your own yard.

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