Super beach day Sunday, wet Monday

Thunderstorms have now ended across New England. Some of these storms were strong to severe and caused minor damage. There were reports of heavy rain, gusty winds, hail and lots of lightning. The rest of the overnight should be calm with lowering humidity levels and clearing skies. This will set us up for a wonderful day on Sunday before more unsettled weather moves back in for the start of the new work week. Check with me on @growingwisdom as I update there frequently.

Tomorrow will be the best day of the weekend. I am forecasting sunshine mixed with very few clouds, lower humidity and warm temperatures in the upper 70s and lower 80s. I think it will be a great beach day or just a day to relax and enjoy the late June weather. Try to get outside Sunday because the weather goes downhill Monday.
Next week
I am confident it is going to be quite cool with at least two periods of showers on Monday. One of these, could bring some heavier downpours. The radar prediction for Monday shows rain over the entire area during the middle part of the day.

radar monda.jpg

The storm that is going to bring us the rain will be over the the Great Lakes Sunday and then move through the northeast on Monday. sunday.bmp
Sunset and sunrise
We are losing daylight by a few seconds each day now. By the end of the month we lose about 4 minutes. Because of the way the earth revolves around the sun and the shape of the earth we are losing all of that daylight, for now, in the morning. The sunsets are actually getting a few seconds later still, but the sunrises are getting later as well. The net difference is a slight loss in daylight. After about July 1st, we lose daylight at both ends. Sunset until then remains at 8:25 in Boston, slightly later the further west you go.
Jet Stream
The reason for the major heat this week and the nice weather Sunday is due to the positioning of the jet stream. The first image, (below) shows the jet stream during the heat wave. Notice the yellow line, the main flow, was way up in Canada. This allowed the heat and humidity to move north, far into New England. Tomorrow, the jet stream moves further south and allows cooler and drier air into the region. Temperatures much of next week will be below what you might expect for late June.



Gardening this week

If your perennials seem out of control and rather large already you can do some pruning to help manage their size. Many perennials will stay tighter and neater from some quick pruning. Check out this video and see how you can try this in your own yard.

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