Heat wave number two, followed by nice stretch to 4th

Yes we are starting the day with clouds and even some showers. However, this afternoon, Saturday and Sunday will bring heat, some humidity and could tie or break one record. The record for today is 99F set in 1933, the record for tomorrow the 30th is 95F, set in 1945 and the record for July 1st is 98F, set in 1968. We may come close Saturday, with an outside chance at breaking it, but I don’t see us breaking any other records. In terms of humidity, today will see the highest levels of the next three days. One of the reasons the humidity will not be as bad, that storm which hung around for so long is going to force a bit of drier air around itself and spin it over us for Saturday and part of Sunday. That front may also kick off a few isolated showers. I’d love to interact on Twitter at @growingwisdom so follow me and say hello or ask a question


This morning there are clouds marking the leading edge of the heat. Once the sun comes out later this morning, temperatures will jump as much as 7-10 degrees in about an hour. There has been some very powerful heat across much of the country the past several days. I circled, on this map, the area of the country that is experiencing extreme heat this afternoon.


A piece of that heat and humidity is moving towards the east. Temperatures will rapidly rise in the morning reaching the 90s by late morning or early afternoon. Humidity is going to continue to climb and peak around noon today. The heat and the humidity will combine to make for a very uncomfortable afternoon. You can see all the humidity in the Ohio valley on the map below from yesterday. That is the area of that is going to be here today.


The Cape and the lakes region.
Some of you might be heading north for the weekend. The weather looks hottest on Saturday. Sunday will still be very warm, but only in the middle 80s as opposed the lower 90s on Saturday. Neither day will have high humidity and I expect it to cool off each evening. Morning lows both days will be in the upper 50s so I would say excellent sleeping weather.
Across Cape Cod the weather will be warm and sunny. Temperatures, during the day, will be in the lower and middle 80s, but nighttime lows will be mild in the upper 60s. Humidity levels will be highest on Sunday but still noticeable on Saturday
The reason the humidity will drop between today and Saturday is a front that will spin through the area late this afternoon. As this front moves through, warm, but drier air will follow. Before the front goes through humid air will flow into the region.


Any rain or storms?
There is a low chance of showers or thunderstorms this morning early, late evening today, overnight Saturday and Sunday afternoon. When I say low chance, 80% of you won’t see any. If you get a storm, it would be fast moving and therefore not last long. Sunshine will be the main feature over the next three days and it’s strong so keep that SPF 50 handy.
Next week preview

I know it’s a big vacation week coming up so I wanted to at least touch on the forecast. Right now, most of the week, including the 4th itself looks partly to mostly sunny and warm but not hot. Temperatures will be in the 80s with moderate levels of humidity. I will be updating the forecast throughout the next few days.
Gardening this week
The heat, the rain, the sunshine. My garden is doing quite well this year. I hope your garden is growing great too. I have had a few issues this year, mostly with slugs. Take a look at the video below and watch me give an update of my own garden. I hope it helps you in yours.

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