Hot weekend leads into perfect vacation week of weather

Temperatures during the afternoon this weekend are going to be quite hot reaching 90-95F across the area. The exceptions to the heat will be the beaches on Cape Cod, coastal Maine and the higher elevations of northern New England. At these places temperatures will run 5-10 degrees below the 90F degree mark. When you add in the the day of 90 degree heat from Friday, many places will have their second heat wave of the season. Humidity levels will drop overnight to comfortable levels. This will also allow temperatures to fall, by morning, to the lower 60s in southern New England and 50s to the north.


When I was at CH 5, forecasting and reporting the weather, one the more frustrating elements was the idea that heat waves are recorded officially for Boston at the airport. Why, you might think, do I care? Since Logan airport had a high yesterday of 89F, even if it hits 90 both days this weekend it won’t be an ‘official’ heat wave. Fitchburg, Natick, Bedford and even Newton all hit 90F yesterday. So we will have a heat wave where people live, just not where the planes land.


This thing is, since no one lives at the airport, it also won’t reflect what we experienced as well. New York takes readings in Central Park and at LaGuardia airport. We should be taking our temperature readings in Boston Common or at Fenway Park or even in Roslindale, but not just at the airport. So, next time you think it was hotter or colder for that matter, than was being reported in Boston, your perception is probably better than you think.

The weekend

Today and Sunday are going to be very hot days, but the humidity will not be high at all. Last evening, humidity levels were as high as they will be for the next three or four days. Overnight, a cold front push the humidity out to sea. The air behind this front is still quite hot so temperature will still be very warm today and tomorrow. The record for today, in Boston, (Logan) is 95F. We do have an outside chance of breaking that record around 3PM this afternoon. I put a chart for the weather on the Cape this weekend. Add 10F to the daytime highs if you are inland.

Weekend Cape.jpg

Overnight temperatures.
Because the air will not be as humid the next couple of days, temperatures at night will be able to fall to reasonable levels. It’s still going to be mild at night, but even Boston should manage to fall to the upper 60s to near 70F. This is a lot more comfortable than the 80F degrees lows we saw during the last heat wave. When you see a low temperature of say 62F, remember, that is the reading forecast around 5AM. If you go to sleep around 10PM you can add back about twelve degrees to that, so you would be heading to bed at a temperature of about 74F, a bit warm. If you want to know the temperature when you are going to go to bed, and this doesn’t always work, take the forecast low temperature and add 2 degrees for everyone hour before sunrise you go to sleep.
Any rain or storms?
There is a low chance of showers or thunderstorms overnight tonight and Sunday afternoon. When I say low chance, 90% of you won’t see any. If you get a storm, it would be fast moving and therefore not last long. Sunshine will be the main feature over the weekend and it’s strong so keep that SPF 50 handy.
Next week looks fantastic

I know it’s a big vacation week coming up. Right now the entire week, including the 4th itself, looks partly to mostly sunny and warm but not hot. Temperatures will be in the 80s with moderate levels of humidity. By Friday the 6th we will see an increase in humidity and may hit 90F again. I will be updating the forecast throughout the next few days.
Gardening this week
The heat, the rain, the sunshine. My garden is doing quite well this year. I hope your garden is growing great too. I have had a few issues this year, mostly with slugs. Take a look at the video below and watch me give an update of my own garden. I hope it helps you in yours.

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