Third day of heat, then still sunny and warm

A beautiful day starts with a great morning and that is just what we have on the weather docket for today. Sunshine, hot temperatures and moderate levels of humidity will be with us all day. There a tiny chance for a quick thunderstorm later this afternoon. Most of you will not see any storms at all. Many places will reach back into the 90s, for an official heat wave. (Friday, Saturday and today) Logan airport only hit 89F on Friday, so Boston will have to settle for a two day stretch of 90F temps. The rest of the upcoming week looks warm and mostly dry. Humidity will not be uncomfortable, for most, until later in the week. I’d love to hear from you about weather or gardening. Please follow me on Twitter at @growingwisdom

July is the heart of summer, in the same way January is the heart of winter. In July, the days are getting shorter, but the temperatures continue to warm throughout the month. In January, the days are getting longer, but the temperatures are getting colder throughout the month. January is typically 4 weeks of full on cold and July is typically 4 weeks of full on heat. This week, summer will be in full swing with warm to hot temperatures, some humidity and a chance for a few showers.
In winter, the jet stream blows through the country and carries storms along its path. During summer, when the jet stream blows across Canada, we are left with weather, that comes mostly from fronts, that crisscross the lower 48. These fronts usually don’t make it south of the mid-Atlantic region. This is the reason it remains hot all summer, with no break, from Delaware to Florida. The same holds true for the center part of the country from Missouri to Texas.
Here in the Northeast, we are fortunate in that we are closer to the jet stream in Canada. Here, during the warm months,fronts move through every 3-5 days. Sometimes, during an extensive heat wave, the gap between fronts can be up to two weeks, but that is the exception, not the rule.
This week, we will generally see a typical summer pattern. In this pattern, small fronts, or pieces of energy, rotate through on the jet stream to the north. I drew the areas of clouds embedded in the jet stream flow below. When they come through, if there is enough moisture, some showers and thunderstorms will result. In summer, Showers and thunderstorms are often very difficult to predict. Both the timing of the storms and the location is nearly impossible. We can give general ideas that they will happen in the morning or afternoon. A meteorologist can also tell if they are more likely over one areas, (northern New England vs. Southern) but the more detail you want, the less likely is going to be spot on.
Jet Stream.bmp
Showers and storms this week
We have a risk for showers and storms later today, Monday, Wednesday and again Saturday. I would say that Wednesday is unfortunately the day with the highest chance of storm, but no one can, at this point say what time or where exactly they will occur.
General weather
Sunshine is the rule this week with hot temperatures, at or above 90F today, Friday and Saturday. Some places will hit 90F a day earlier,Thursday, for their third heat wave of the summer. The other days will see highs well into the 80s. Tuesday is my pick of the week with low humidity and warm, but not hot conditions. Overnight will not be uncomfortable for sleeping, but you might need to put the air conditioner on to cool off your bedroom from the heat of the day. Overall, if you are off this week, it’s a great summer week.
Gardening this week
Watering is the big issue this week with the garden. Otherwise, my garden is doing quite well this year. I hope your garden is growing great too. I have had a few issues this year, mostly with slugs. Take a look at the video below and watch me give an update of my own garden. I hope it helps you in yours.

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