Very warm Friday, hot on Saturday

Spectacular weather will be with us for tomorrow with moderate humidity and temperatures quite warm. We will be in the upper 80s to around 90 tomorrow from about 12PM through 5PM. There will be some sea breezes along coastal roads in the afternoon so parts of the North Shore, Cape Cod and Islands will fall back or remain in the upper 70s. Although tomorrow is going to be warm it won’t be the extreme heat that has been going on to our south and west. A piece of that heat will arrive for a one day visit on Saturday before quickly being pushed out to sea on Sunday. As the heat arrives Saturday there will be some clouds and also the chance for a few storms Saturday afternoon and evening. Sunday will clear north to south with lowering humidity and warm temperatures.

Last night in review
I told you it would be close. Wow, talk about a crazy night of forecasting! One of the things that amazes me is the ability to forecast from anywhere. I was not in Boston last night, but I could, thanks to technology, see the radar, live pictures and other pieces of valuable information. Putting this all together allowed me to tell people what was going on with the weather up to the minute. Today, anyone can see the radar with a mobile device. Where I think meteorologists come into play, in these types of situations, is helping to interpret the data. Twitter is a tool ideal for meteorology or other rapidly changing situations. All of the local meteorologists here in Boston are embracing twitter as a way to get out information to viewers. I follow them, some of them follow me. It was really quite interesting to watch my twitter feed during the evening as forecasters all told the unfolding story of the coming storms. Meteorologists noticed around 10PM last night, after the Esplanade missed one storm, that a new storm popped up to the west. This new storm developed in a matter of minutes and ultimately was the one to soak revelers. We could ‘tweet’ about the movement of the rain shield as it moved down Storrow Drive and Beacon Street towards the Hatch Shell. Pretty amazing stuff when you think about it. Just a few years ago this type of nowcasting, as we call it, would have been unthinkable. Twitter is a great way to interact with ‘followers’ who may have feedback or want to ask questions. If you are not already on, give it a try. Follow me on Twitter at @growingwisdom
One last point about last night. The storms that affected the Boston area, both of them, were very isolated. It only rained in a very small area, but affected a huge number of people. It remains a challenge to give more useful information, in these situations, other than to say “chance of showers”. I know it can be frustrating to not know if you are going to be affected by that chance or not. The reality is, we are not there yet in terms of that level of specificity to the forecast. We can say that conditions are favorable for storms. As of now however, we can’t forecast ahead of time that a storm will move down Beacon Street at 10:44PM, perhaps eventually we will. At least some of the new tools let us get the information to you as it is happening and with a specificity unlike ever before.
Tonight and Friday
Mainly clear skies will allow temperatures to fall back to comfortable levels late at night. Most places outside of Boston will be into the 60s by 10PM. If you like the fresh air and can handle a bit on the mild side, you may be able to shut off the air conditioning overnight. Sunshine will be the dominant feature the tomorrow with some clouds showing up late in the day. The moisture in the air will remain moderate, Friday. In other words, the humidity will be there, but not too badly. The beaches are the place to be tomorrow for sure.
The weekend
Saturday is also going to be very hot with temperatures in the 90s. Along with the higher temperatures will come a few more clouds. I think the clouds will help make it not feel quite as hot when the sun is behind one of them. Late in the day another front approaches and moves through the area. This front could kick off a few showers and storms, but it will bring an end to the heat and humidity. Sunday, the clearing will push south. Areas south of Boston may have clouds for the first part of Sunday before the sunshine returns for the afternoon. it will still be a bit humid early but the humidity will drop in the afternoon and evening. This front will also usher in a new pattern for next week which looks cooler and drier.
The map below shows the position of the jet stream for the second week of July. It appears that much of the heat will be pushed far to the south. While not unusual, this break in the pattern doesn’t always happen in July. When you think about all the heat in much of the rest of the country, we really are in a great spot.


Gardening this week
Watering is the big issue this week with the garden. Otherwise, my garden is doing quite well this year. I hope your garden is growing great too. I have had a few issues this year, mostly with slugs. Take a look at the video below and watch me give an update of my own garden. I hope it helps you in yours.

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