Super July Weather Continues

Does it get any better than this in terms of weather in July? Another clear morning with low humidity starts the day after a great night for sleeping. I hope you have been able to keep the windows open the past few nights to enjoy this treat. We have a few more of these cool nights to go this week. All of this great weather is thanks to a large area of high pressure that moved in from Canada late last weekend. This high will remain in control the rest of the week before some heat and humidity move into the area later this weekend. That change will also bring clouds and a chance for a few storms by Sunday.


This will be another fantastic July day across all of New England. The air is dry and that means that there is not any noticeable humidity. The air does have moisture in it, but not enough that your body feels it. Last weekend when it was so humid, we had, for every kilogram of air about 16 grams of that was water vapor. This week, for every kilogram of air we have only about 6 or 7 grams of water vapor. Remember, the air we breath is made of Oxygen, Carbon Dioxide, Nitrogen and yes water vapor. The other parts of air don’t change much day to day or throughout the year for that matter, but water vapor, that change change by a whole lot in a just a mater of hours.


You can see from the chart how little water vapor there is in dry air and how much there is in humid air. This is why the dew point is the most important number you need to know about humidity and how you will feel. This week, the dew point has been in the 40s and 50s. By Sunday, that number will increase to the 60s and so will the water vapor.
Questions or comment about weather and gardening? I love to interact with you. Please follow me on Twitter at @growingwisdom and check out my latest videos at Temperatures this afternoon will reach into the 80s with the strong July sunshine, winds will be light as well.
Thursday through Saturday
The next three days are going to be great beach days. Temperatures will be a few degrees warmer each day, getting close to 90F by Saturday.

next few days.jpg

Humidity will increase slightly by the weekend, but not to oppressive levels. The nights will not be quite as cool, but still pretty comfortable.
Sunday and Monday
The end of the weekend and perhaps early next week look a bit unsettled. As warm and humid air streams north, and our warm and dry air mass leaves, clouds and a few showers will result.


There may be some thunderstorm activity during that time as well. It is still early in the forecast game to know how much, if any, rain we will get. I do know it will not be as nice.
By the end of this week, most places across the area will be in a moderate agricultural drought. Farmers need, on average, about one inch of rain each week to have good crops, when you start falling to zero for 7 or 10 days, the ground drys out very fast. We are still in a long term deficit in terms of overall rainfall for the year. I tend to pay much more attention to the plants watering needs as an avid gardener.
Gardening this week
I garden for hours and hours each week. My hands are often hurting from pulling weeds and digging. However, a few years ago I started using long-handled garden tools for some of the finer weeding in certain beds around the garden. These tools are perfect for being able to do some precision weeding without bending over or using the repetitive hand motions that end up hurting me so much.

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