Spot evening shower, hot Tuesday, storms Wednesday

Sunshine mixed with clouds will continue through sunset with hot temperatures in the 90s for many. A sea breeze hit Logan Airport and dropped back tempertures into the upper 70s for a few hours. These temperatures may rise back to the upper 80s towards sunset at the airport if the winds shift back to the southwest. A few showers may occur before sunset. if you get a shower, the rain could be quite heavy. Overnight will be a steamy night with lows remaining in the 70s most of the time. Tomorrow looks blazing hot with near record heat. The second part of the week looks to be warm and drier with less humidity and lower temperatures. Although it will be uncomfortable for sleeping the next three nights, it will turn very comfortable for overnight rest Thursday through the weekend.If you follow me on Twitter at @growingwisdomI love to exchange ideas and thoughts about the weather. Follow me and it’s like having your own personal meteorologist!


As usual the flow in the upper levels of the atmosphere moves the weather down here at the ground. The past few days, our flow has been generally from the south and this has brought heat and humidity. Last night, a disturbance in the flow provided a period of rain. The winds at 30,000 feet will continue to blow from the southwest the first part of this week keeping us in the heat and humidity. You can see the jet stream for the first part of the week in the image below. The white lines represent different parts of the jet stream but generally indicate how the winds are moving. Remember, weather and the the jet stream follow a west to east movement in this part of the world. Things might move northwest to south east or southwest to northeast, but is still left to right across the continent.

Hot and Humid.jpg

This evening will continue mostly sunny and temperatures will remain very warm. As usual, some beaches and the Cape will be cooler. A few showers have developed in the steamy air. Most of us will not see any showers. The humidity overnight will be high and this moisture will help to keep it warm. We are expecting temperatures to stay in the 80s through sunset and finally fall back to the upper 60s to lower by morning.
Tuesday is the peak of the heat and humidity with the temperatures reaching the mid-90s in the afternoon with very high levels of humidity. The humidity since it will be higher Tuesday will also keep temperatures warmer overnight. Boston will have a hard time going below 80F for much of the night. Even many of the suburbs will stay in the 70s for a good deal of the time you are sleeping.
Wednesday is our transitional day. We will be hot, but with more clouds not as hot as Tuesday. Humidity will still be an issue, but begin to fall late in the evening. The leading edge of the next air mass will be marked by a line of thunderstorms and showers. We will have to see what time the cold front comes through and how much heating we get during the day before making predictions about how strong these storms could be.
Thursday and the weekend
The jet stream will shift dramatically for the second half of the week. Instead of our winds at 30,000 feet coming from the southwest, they will come from the northwest. This change will bring in cooler and drier air and make sleeping a breeze especially if you can keep the windows open. You can see the jet stream forecast for the later part of the week below. Notice the lines now come from Canada. Temperatures on Friday morning will be back into the 50s in many places and highs over the weekend will remain in the lower and middle 80s for another perfect summer forecast.

Cooler and dry.jpg

Gardening this week
There has been late blight on tomatoes reported in a few places across the area including Middlesex county. Late blight is horrible because it is tough to control and will kill your tomato plants. In 2009 the blight hurt millions of dollars of the tomato crop. This year, it remains to be seen just how bad the blight is going to turn out. I have it on some of my tomatoes and have been treating aggressively. Here is a video about the blight below.

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