New weather pattern through weekend

After a wild afternoon Wednesday the weather will be much quieter the next few days. The front that cleared out the heat and humidity is now south of New England, but still close enough to keep some clouds over some of the area through Friday. The best weather will be north of the Massachusetts Turnpike and the least sunshine across Cape Cod and the Islands. Temperatures will still be warm although humidity levels are not nearly as high as the past few days. An area of rain will cross to our south tomorrow and I will be watching carefully the northward progression of the rain. I don’t expect more than a few clouds at this time. If you want more frequent updates, have a weather or gardening question then please follow me on Twitter at @growingwisdom

High pressure usually is associated with good weather. In summer these bring our dry and warm weather, in winter, these same highs bring very cold and dry air to the region.


For the next few days, a continental polar air mass from Canada will be over the northeast corner of the United States. The heat and humidity we did have has been pushed well south of our area. However, the actual front that swept the heat away is close enough to affect our weather, just a bit. Since the front is still meteorologically if not geographically close, it will continue to limit the clearing south of Boston until the afternoon.
Temperatures this afternoon where there is sunshine will be in the lower 80s. To the south, it should be slightly cooler with all the cloud cover and a sea breeze. I don’t expect any showers at all and certainly no thunderstorms.
Tomorrow is not a clear cut forecast south of Boston. That same front will see an area of rain ride along it and out to sea. The northern extent of the rain will try to clip southern Connecticut and Rhode Island before moving eastward. The cloud sheild from this area will push north and will block out the sun a bit from Boston west and south. Northward, into New Hampshire, Vermont and Maine it will be sunny. I would say it is a perfect 10 in that area with wonderful conditions as temperatures hold in the 70s. Even across southern New England most places will remain in the 70s all day Friday, a nice treat from the upper 90s.
The weekend
Saturday is my pick for the weekend but Sunday is a close second. Each day looks sunny and warm. The humidity will be slightly higher on Sunday, but not oppressive. Temperatures will be in the lower 80s Saturday and a few degrees warmer on Sunday. I don’t see any chance of any rain at all the entire weekend.
Next Week
Monday will be a bit humid with a few storms late in the day. Tuesday and Wednesday look generally dry and warm with moderate humidity but nothing too high. I don’t see any extended 90 degree weather in our future or any severe weather. All good news after a very hot and stormy few days. Next week is another great vacation week. Meteorologically, next week is one of the nicest weeks of the entire year. There is usually dry weather and warm temperatures. Perfect for the beach, lake or just laying in a hammock
Gardening this week
There has been late blight on tomatoes reported in a few places across the area including Middlesex county. Late blight is horrible because it is tough to control and will kill your tomato plants. In 2009 the blight hurt millions of dollars of the tomato crop. This year, it remains to be seen just how bad the blight is going to turn out. I have it on some of my tomatoes and have been treating aggressively. Here is a video about tomato blight below.

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