Storms continue through early evening.

As of now storms are going to be moving on a line south through the area through about 5PM or 6PM. Some storms may reach severe levels with hail and gusty winds.


The radar shows the line moving southward as of mid-afternoon. This line has had a few storms with hail, flooding rain and winds that have taken down a few trees. Keep an eye to the sky and look for my Twitter updates @growingwisdom the rest of the day. I am happy to answer any weather or gardening questions you have. This morning’s blog is below. Our severe potential has prompted a severe thunderstorm watch until 8PM although I expect the Severe Storms Center to pull that down before that time as the threat looks to me to be over before then. I am watching another line behind this one that if it holds together will produce more storms, but I think the most severe will have gone by.

To say the weather is going to be changing over the next few days feels like saying the sun will set this evening. (FYI 8:12) However, change is the theme once again through the weekend Each of the next 5 days will be a bit different than the previous one. We had an uncomfortable night for sleeping last night and tonight will be quite comfortable. Today is humid, tomorrow is dry. Some rain moved through the area early this morning and we have a chance for more storms later today. There is virtually not any chance for rain Wednesday. More of these flips and flops of temperature, humidity, sky cover and the chance for rain are going to occur right through the weekend.


Warm and humid weather will continue this morning with the chance for thunderstorms again later today. Some of these storms could be severe if we get enough sunshine. A cold front will be moving through the area today and helping to create the storms. The air behind the front is going to be noticeably drier and cooler so tomorrow’s weather looks great with sunshine and low humidity. Beyond Wednesday and into the weekend the forecast becomes a bit trickier.
For the second part of the week, we don’t have a fast moving storm, major heat or a nice clear cut area of high pressure across the region. We do however have building moisture that may yield some shower and storms especially in the afternoon Thursday and Friday. This moisture will move ahead of a low pressure area to our west. Some of the showers that could occur at the end of the week may contain some heavy downpours as there will be a lot of available water to come down from the clouds. I have written about this available water before, it’s called precipitable water. The higher that number the better chance any rain that occurs will be heavy. We also look this same number in the winter to help forecast snowfall totals. Whether this pattern continues into the weekend is still a bit of a question mark. My confidence in the forecast for the weekend is such that I can say we probably won’t have another weekend like the one we just enjoyed. However, one computer model is keeping us very sunny with pleasant temperatures and no rain. I will be working out the details over the next few days. The map below is for Thursday and shows an area of rain especially over Vermont.


The specifics
Today looks for variable clouds and sunshine. The best chance for more storms will be into the afternoon and especially over eastern and southeastern areas. Temperatures will be warm in the upper 80s to near 90F. We will be watching the radar closely later this morning and afternoon to look for any thunderstorm development. Whatever does occur will be over this evening and better weather follows. Overnight the humidity and temperature will both drop. By morning everyone will be between 58F and 66F, much better for sleeping.
Wednesday will be mostly sunny and seasonable. Highs will be in the upper 70s in northern New England and lower 80s here in southern New England. Dew points will be low but it will be a bit breeze from the west. The winds will be strong enough to make it not such a great day to lie on the beach.
End of the week
As an area of low pressure moves through western and northern New England, a southerly flow of moist area will bring a chance of downpours to the area. Temperatures Thursday and Friday will be in the lower 80s, but humidity will creep higher. I expect to make changes to the forecast several times for the weekend, so keep checking back. We need to wait a day or even two more to really understand well how the end of the week and the weekend will eventually turn out weather-wise.
Gardening tip of the week
We have a new video for you today on a special coreopsis I planted. This is a great perennial that will come back each year and get wider and more floreforous each year. I like this video because it gives you a good understanding of how to plant almost anything. Check it out.

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