Some sun, showers and muggy air

Over 50 million people were under severe watches last night. There ended up being one tornado in New York state, and many other reports of wind and hail damage to our south. The good news is that the severe weather never made it into Massachusetts or points north. This afternoon the boundary that helped create the severe weather is stalled just to our south. This boundary will remain in basically the same place for the next three days and be the focal point for occasional rounds of showers and thunderstorms. It will not rain all the time, but when it does, the rain could be heavy.

This afternoon
The afternoon will be changeable with sun, clouds and a few showers. The good news is that most of the rest of the day is dry, but it can shower at almost any time if one of these areas passes through. If you are planing on being outside through the evening, just know that you could get wet. I suggest having alternative plans if it does rain where you are located. I find myself running outside when the showers pass and back inside to do other work when it’s raining. There will be a muggy feel to the air through the weekend with overnight conditions being somewhat uncomfortable due to the high humidity. I am pleased not to have to report any extreme heat. Highs today will be in the upper 70s and lower 80s and that will be basically the same regime throughout the weekend.
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The weekend
Areas of showers will move along the stalled boundary like a train along a set of tracks. The map above shows the front to our south on Saturday. There will be large gaps in the shower activity, but when an area goes through it could produce heavy rain, thunderstorms and gusty winds. The chance for showers diminishes each morning and gets higher in the afternoon with the heating of the day. There will be many hours of dry weather between any activity. Sunday looks to be the driest of the two days with only isolated showers. Sunday will also see the most sunshine, but we will have to wait until Monday to take showers out of the forecast and have less clouds than sun. Temperatures over the weekend remain in the 60s at night and reach for 80F during the day. I still see no major heat in sight.
Next Week
I know that losing parts of a weekend in July to weather isn’t preferable, but we have had some amazing weekends of weather for much of the spring and summer. This is all little consolation I am sure if this upcoming weekend is part of your vacation on the beach. Next week looks generally nice to start with a chance of showers around Wednesday night or Thursday. More on that much later.
Gardening tip of the week
All the moisture in the air through the weekend will create the perfect environment for plant fungus and other diseases. You should watch your garden carefully and I recommend spraying with a fungicide, organic or otherwise when it does dry out. This is especially true for tomatoes.
We have a new video for you today on a special coreopsis I planted. This is a great perennial that will come back each year and get wider and more floreforous each year. I like this video because it gives you a good understanding of how to plant almost anything. Check it out.

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