Improving forecast, but not perfect

The weather once again today will feature clouds, some sun, temperatures in the 70s and that ever present chance for showers we have been dealing with for several days. The most important aspect of the weather to keep in mind over the next week is that although you will read or hear about showers in the forecast nearly every day, many of you could go one, two or three days without seeing any rain. Temperatures will remain in the upper 70s and lower 80s at the start of the week but begin to get warmer rising into the middle and upper 80s for the second part of the week and into the weekend. I make frequent updates about the weather and other gardening tips on Twitter at @growingwisdom

A stalled boundary between different types of air remains over the mid-Atlantic states again today. This boundary continues to be the focal point for shower activity. This boundary will finally stop playing a role in our weather tomorrow when we will be drier with more sunshine. The break in the shower activity continues into Tuesday. That said there is still a very slim chance for a shower Monday or Tuesday, but 90% of you won’t see them. A better chance for showers returns on Wednesday and again for the weekend. However, I am not forecasting any full days of rain. You might wonder what’s the point of mentioning showers all the time if most people won’t see the showers in the first place. In summer, little pieces of energy combine with the sunshine to pop up these showers. The mechanisms are very subtle and much less obvious than they are in winter. I think it’s important to let folks know it could happen, but also that you shouldn’t change any plans in these types of marginal situations.
Today’s details.
Mostly cloudy with some periods of sunshine today. Temperatures will cool for the time of year only the upper 60s and 70s. Even though there is not any heat it will feel a bit humid. If you get a shower, there might be some heavy downpours but I am not expecting any severe weather today.
Monday and Tuesday
The beginning of the week will provide the best weather with the most sun and comfortable levels of humidity and heat. It will feel like the end of July and as I wrote above, the chance for showers is very small during this time. I may even completely take them out of the forecast after I review some new data late today. Temperatures will be around 80F give or take a few degrees. Humidity will be marginally noticeable, which is great news after several rather muggy days.
Typical August weather with temperatures in the 81F-87F range and moderate levels of humidity. Afternoon showers are a good bet on Wednesday as some of that energy I often write about moves across the area at about 18,000 feet. There will be other chances for showers later in the week and towards the weekend, but also sunshine. I will give more details and get the timing down better later this week. I don’t see any big heat in the forecast for the next 2 weeks which is pretty amazing. I think we might be seeing the atmosphere beginning to balance all the above normal temperatures we have had for the past year. More on that topic in the next few weeks.
Gardening tip of the week
All the moisture in the air through the weekend will create the perfect environment for plant fungus and other diseases. You should watch your garden carefully and I recommend spraying with a fungicide, organic or otherwise when it does dry out. This is especially true for tomatoes.
We have a new video for you today on a special coreopsis I planted. This is a great perennial that will come back each year and get wider and more floreforous each year. I like this video because it gives you a good understanding of how to plant almost anything. Check it out.

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