Rain continues for some, flood advisory overnight

Rain has now pushed northwest into Boston and will continue much of the overnight at varying rates.


The rain will end towards morning with some partial clearing for Wednesday. It will be muggy overnight with lows in the 60s. I expect up to an inch of rain or a bit more across Cape Cod where the rain is heaviest. There has been some heavier downpours in the metro-west region of Boston as well. A flood advisory is also now in effect for parts of Bristol and Plymouth counties in Massachusetts.
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The above image shows the extent of the rain as of around 9PM. I expect the area to move a bit further north, but not much further west overnight. Areas to the south of Plymouth will see the most rain.
The rest of the week
Wednesday through Friday look warm and mainly dry. There might be some showers and storms in the afternoon Wednesday mostly west of Boston. Humidity levels will be high. Temperatures will range 84F-89F during this period with the warmest conditions on Friday. A few backyard thermometers may hit 90F that day. Overnight lows will remain warm ranging from 66F-74F. Remember, those are the lowest foretasted temperatures. Most of you will head to bed with temperatures in the middle and even upper 70s. The air conditioners are going to be back on for many for the end of the week. The chance for showers is quite low during this period.
The weekend
Right now, the weekend looks nice with warm temperatures and moderate levels of humidity. There could be a shower later Sunday, but don’t cancel your weekend at the beach because of a chance of an afternoon thunderstorm.
Gardening tip of the week
All the moisture in the air through the weekend will create the perfect environment for plant fungus and other diseases. You should watch your garden carefully and I recommend spraying with a fungicide, organic or otherwise when it does dry out. This is especially true for tomatoes.
We have a new video for you today on a special coreopsis I planted. This is a great perennial that will come back each year and get wider and more floreforous each year. I like this video because it gives you a good understanding of how to plant almost anything. Check it out.

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