Tropical weather the next few days

The next several days will feature high levels of humidity and some heat making it feel quite tropical. At the same time, there will be a small chance for afternoon showers and thunderstorms each day. If you do see a storm, expect heavy downpours to be the main issue. I don’t see any severe weather nor do I see any widespread outbreaks of storms. During the overnight hours it will be warm and muggy with the need for air conditioning to get a good night of sleep through the weekend. Friday looks to be the hottest of the next several days with temperatures reaching for 90F away from the shoreline. Got a weather or gardening question, let me know Twitter at @growingwisdom


I was trying to think about how to describe the weather today through the weekend. I don’t want to be overly optimistic and stress total sunshine and warm temperatures and have you experience a downpour while laying on the beach. I also don’t want to stress the showers that may never happen. Know there is the chance for rain, but it’s minimal. It’s going to be quite summery the rest of the week with highs in the upper 80s to near 90F. Over the weekend it will be very warm to hot and still humid, highs will be in the low 80s at the beaches and middle 80s to near 90F well inland. Clouds are also going to pop-up throughout the day. Saturday may end up being the sunniest of the days through the weekend.
In order for us to see showers some mechanism has to come along to lift the warm and humid air at the surface. Things like a sea breeze, which are simply winds that come off the water and then meet winds from the land, can cause lift. The sun, with its strong heating powers, can also create lift. Higher in the atmosphere, upper level winds that change speed and direction can cause lift. All of these will, individually or at the same time, try to create a few showers through the weekend. Most of the time and most places will not see any rain. I would say that the next few days are good for the beach. You will have periods of time with strong bright sunshine, but others where there are many clouds. Folks at one beach to the north of Boston could see clouds while those of you to the south are in sunshine. A few hours later, the situation can flip so be patient.
The weekend
I expect a blend of clouds and sunshine with that limited chance for storms. High tide will be in the mid-afternoon time frame if you are headed to the beach. Sunset is getting earlier and will happen just before 8PM on Sunday. We have lost over an hour of total daylight since late June.


From mid-August through until October (November for some plants) is perfect for planting. This is the time of year you can see where you have some gaps in the garden that need filling. Also start thinking about bulbs that might need to be ordered now.
Below is a video on a great plant I put in the garden last year at this time. The plants are looking terrific this year and had a great spring bloom.

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