Weekend weather mostly good

Over the next four days the chance for storms will remain in the forecast. Most of the thunderstorms through the weekend will occur in the afternoon with the morning being the sunniest. If you are planning a beach outing this weekend, get up early and secure your spot in the sand. After 2PM or 3PM each day the risk for thunderstorms will increase and you might have to find some shelter. Remember, there is just a chance of thunderstorms, it is actually more likely you don’t get a storm this weekend, but keep an eye to the sky just in case. For the inside scoop on my weather blog and forecasting follow me on Twitter at @growingwisdom

The air is warm and sultry this morning and somewhat stagnant. This has prompted an air quality alert to be issued, mostly west of Boston. The areas in grey on the map are under the alert. For those of you with asthma and other respiratory issues, today is a day to take it a bit easier.

boxair quality.png

In addition to the poor air quality the temperature of the air is going to be quite high this afternoon. Most of us will reach or exceed 90F by 1PM or 2PM. Combining the heat and humidity with the strong early August sun, which is still quite powerful, is going to make today not so comfortable to be outside. If you are headed to the beach today the tide will be high just prior to 1PM around Boston and adjacent beaches.
I am do most of my blogging early in the morning or late in the evening both of which are becoming rapidly darker. We are losing over 2 minutes of light each day and today is the last day until next spring that the sun will set after 8PM. Beginning tomorrow, the sun goes down, the stars come out before 8PM with a 7:58PM sunset. By the end of the month, the sun will go to bed at 7:20 and I’ll be blogging in the dark and my universe won’t be the same till next spring. Time just seems to be slipping away.
Weekend specifics
The best weather this weekend will be, in my opinion, over Cape Cod. My reasoning is that the chance for showers is less there than anywhere else. The best chance for showers is over western and northern New England throughout the weekend. However, all areas of the six state region will see a blend of clouds and sunshine, warm temperatures and moderate to high levels of humidity.


From mid-August through until October (November for some plants) is perfect for planting. This is the time of year you can see where you have some gaps in the garden that need filling. Also start thinking about bulbs that might need to be ordered now.
Below is a video on a great plant I put in the garden last year at this time. The plants are looking terrific this year and had a great spring bloom.

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