Great weather for several days

The air the past several days has been incredibly humid with gobs of moisture suspended in the air. You only had to be outside for a few minutes before your shirt needed to be changed. Although this morning is quite humid, that is going to change hour by hour and by the middle of the afternoon a refreshingly dry air mass will have replaced the sultry one.
I am expecting low humidity, but warm temperatures for the next several days. Humidity will arrive back here later Wednesday and continue into the first part of the weekend. Hopefully we can sweep the muggies back out to sea for the second part of the weekend and the annual Perseid meteor shower.

monday surface map.gif

A cold front is in the process of pushing through our region. Cold fronts mark a change in air masses. Sometimes, the air behind the cold front is dramatically colder and other times it’s just drier. Our new air mass for the next few days is certainly drier, but not much colder. I expect temperatures to be in the 80s today as humidity levels drop.


I honestly can’t imagine that some parts of the country have to deal with the humidity for not days but months at a time. I complain about the sticky air about an hour after it gets here. The good news, in this part of the country dry air from Canada almost always pushes out the humidity after 5-10 days. While we didn’t have that many days of the humidity I am ready for a change. Drier air allows temperatures to fall faster once the sun sets. Tonight, it will cool fairly quickly and I expect many locations to be in the lower 60s and even some upper 50s by morning. This will be a great night to keep the windows open.

Tuesday and Wednesday

If you are on vacation this week, these are your pick days. If you are working, these are the days to leave early. I am expecting full sunshine, warm temperatures in the 80s and low humidity, a perfect combination to be outside in early August. Later Wednesday humidity will begin to increase.

Thursday through the weekend

What I do know is that the frequency of showers will increase during the later half of the week. I also can tell you humidity will be quite high at least through Saturday. Temperatures will be in the 80F-88F degree range across the area. The big question will be how much cloud cover we have, especially Saturday and Sunday. If another cold front can push through later Saturday we will turn cooler and drier for Sunday. That is the most likely scenario at this point and Sunday ends up the best day of the weekend. However, the chance the front gets stuck over the region and we stay unsettled. I will be reviewing the latest models all week and honing the forecast each day.


From mid-August through until October (November for some plants) is perfect for planting. This is the time of year you can see where you have some gaps in the garden that need filling. Also start thinking about bulbs that might need to be ordered now.
Below is a video on a great plant I put in the garden last year at this time. The plants are looking terrific this year and had a great spring bloom.

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