Nearly perfect weather the rest of the week

The last two weeks of August are two of the most popular for summer vacation and this week is going to live up to expectations, for the most part. High pressure will be in control for most of the week. There will be a chance of an afternoon shower Tuesday but I don`t foresee any widespread rain and even that day will feature quite a bit of sunshine. The latter half of the week looks fantastic with more sunshine, warm temperatures and comfortable levels of humidity. When I think about how much heat and drought has plagued the country this summer, we are certainly very fortunate to have enjoyed a stellar summer overall. For more details on the weather or to ask a question follow me on Twitter @Growingwisdom


Overnight will be partly cloudy and very comfortable with low humidity. Clouds will be thickest across the south coast and Cape Cod. Temperatures will fall to the lower 60s in Boston and upper 50s in the ‘burbs. The forecast most of the week will be for sunny warm days and clear to partly cloudy nights.

Tuesday through the weekend

Tomorrow, as the low pulls away we will be left with plenty of sunshine, low humidity and warm temperatures. I threw in the risk for a quick sprinkle but don’t bet the farm on that happening. Then the dry pattern should continue the rest of the week. Temperatures during the day will be 77-84 and lows at night 58-65. Whenever I forecast a stretch of weather that is this nice I start looking for what could go wrong. There will be a few areas of clouds and showers over the ocean during the week, nothing big, but just big enough that if the jet stream changes slightly some of that could impact the area. I am not at all expecting that, but if you want to know what could go wrong with the forecast, that is probably it.
Hurricane season
21 years ago today folks across the south coast and Cape Cod where picking up after Hurricane Bob came ashore. That was the last hurricane to hit New England. You might be tempted to run to the comments section to tell me about Irene last year but that was a tropical storm, not a hurricane when it came ashore in Connecticut. It is very unusual to not have a hurricane hit New England in such a long time. I am not predicting one to hit this year, but we are far overdue for a big storm. Each season that goes by without a hurricane the odds that one will hit the next year increase. This week we will be watching an area in the Caribbean that could well develop into Isaac the next named storm of the season. If that storm developed it would not impact anywhere in the United States, if it ever did, until 10 days from now.
Gardening this week
Mid-August starts to allow gardeners to make some changes in the garden. Over the next few weeks you can begin to move perennials, reseed the lawn and dig up some shrubs. If the heat is still extreme, wait until the hot weather passes before starting your late summer and fall projects.

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