Tropical storm Isaac will likely become a hurricane, threatens US

Our weather looks quiet here in the northeast for nearly the next week with sunny warm days and clear, calm, comfortable nights. Temperatures during the afternoon will reach into the lower and in some cases middle 80s. Overnight, temperatures will stay in the lower and middle 60s with some early morning fog. The tropics are where the weather is turning interesting and even dangerous for some portions of the Caribbean. Tropical storm Isaac is forecast to become a hurricane in the next day or two and then head across Hispaniola, Cuba and perhaps Florida early next week. I’ll be updating the latest on Isaac on Twitter at @growingwisdom

There are currently hurricane watches, tropical storm watches and tropical storm warnings posted for various areas in the Caribbean. If you have interests in that area it would be a good idea to have a contact for the latest information. Right now the storm is not so large as to causes catastrophic or even heavy damage. Isaac is not even a hurricane yet. The image below gives you the latest watches and warnings as of early this morning.


Where will the storm go?
In addition to the watches and warnings the map above shows the average projected track of Isaac over the next several days. This is just an average track and the eventual track can vary by over 500 miles. Many of the models right now do agree on taking the storm into the Florida area early next week. With the Republican National Convention starting Monday, the timing of the storm could be a problem. Additionally, the media’s coverage of the storm could easily overshadow the convention itself. The hype of the storm will almost certainly be greater than the storm itself. However, any storm this time of the year in the Atlantic needs to be taken seriously. I will be updating any new information as I get it over the next several days.

Isaac paths.png

How strong with Isaac become?

Right now Isaac is a tropical storm. Winds are in the 40-50mph range and are expected to increase during the day. Most models bring Isaac to a category 1 or weak category 2 hurricane early next week. We are not looking at a major hurricane the way things appear right now. The satellite below shows the clouds that make up the storm. You don’t see an eye or the classic hurricane cloud formation yet. That will develop as the storm becomes better organized later this week. Computer models are not perfect and the storm could become much stronger than forecast.


Gardening tip this week

This is a great time of year to plant. I actually feel that for many plants fall is a better time to plant than it is in the spring. Since the ground stays warm well into October, roots have a good chance to become established. When you plant in the spring, much of the energy of the plant goes into making new leaves, not new roots.
If you have a tough spot that you can’t seem to grow anything, check out this video and learn about some of the plants that actually thrive in hard to grow conditions.

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